Which is the best wireless earbuds for Samsung smartphones

In the electronic world, there are many types of wireless electronic devices launched in the past few years. Wireless earbuds are one of the electronic devices, which has become popular among youngsters and teenagers.

Several types of earbuds made by different companies are available all over the world including India. Wireless Earphones made by Acid Eye India is one of the popular earbuds all over the world. The main feature of this device is that it is very small in size and integrated so it can be used very easily.

Burly05 true wireless is a device available in the market. This wireless earbuds is very compact, inexpensive, and comes with impressive features. Now, this product has become a necessity for youngsters and teenagers. The youngsters like earbuds as it comes with attractive design and color. Today there are some wireless earbuds in the global market, which include all the impressive features that is why we can say that it is one of the best wireless earphones in the market.

In this true wireless device, charging case is integrated with best technologies. The charging case is impressively designed with a cute black box, which includes burly05 True wireless device. Due to its small size, you do not have to carry a separate charger. It has magnetic charging which prevents overcharging. The indicator is used to indicate charging. The red light indicates that the device is still charging and the blue light indicates that the device is fully charged. This device is the best wireless earphones in the world
If you are interested to buy a Bluetooth headset then purchase only Burlyo5 as it is one of the True wireless devices. The device comes with impressive features such as style and perfect design in one single device.

As you know, wireless earbuds are small in size so it can easily fit in the ears and not feel pressure on them due to its lightweight. The transmission distance of the Truly wireless is around 10 meters. A user can make a distance of 10m from the device to which the earbud is connected. With these impressive features, it has gained popularity all over the world.

This device provides 100 percent performance as compared to other devices. You can enjoy music with earbuds anywhere if you are in the market, restaurant, an office, and any other place.

The device comes with a battery of 2100 mAh. You can easily charge the True Wireless within 2 hours as compared to other devices, which takes time for 6 hours. This Bluetooth headset is examined systematically with all the mobile devices. The life of a battery is 36 hour with charging case. On a single charge, the battery provides 4 hours and 180 hours standby time.

This device is an amazing great battery backup. The sound quality of the device is also good in comparison to other devices. The device has a CSR chip, which is difficult to invent, as it cannot be easily copied. The earbud comes with the feature of HD Sound, amazing battery work time and no ambient noise with CVC 6.0 technology, CSR chip, and impressively designed so it is the best wireless earphone.

Wireless earbuds headset can be connected with iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Windows and Android phones. The wireless earbuds are also designed with robust hardware. The earbuds can be connected to two separate devices simultaneously and users can enjoy music from both the devices. The device comes with silicon earbuds, which are very soft on the ears. The device is waterproof and has a water resistance rating of IP X 7. 

How to Install or use a Bluetooth Speaker for Car

 Install or use a Bluetooth Speaker for Car.

 Cars too are a place for a bit of entertainment since you wouldn't mind listening to some peaceful music while you pile on driving. That is a good option which won't harm your driving skills nor will break any traffic rules unless you keep the noise below irritation and boiling level. That's completely fine. Now, listening to music in your car can be done via many methods. Simplest is to use your phone which will do all the work(if you like you can sing yourself too). But are there any methods that can be used too?

Well, lots of options are there. You can directly use your phone to play whatever you want, but that might be the bit of problematic since your phone might be sensible to calls and you will have to answer them, thus music goes away(I am aware of the auto-resume). To avoid that, you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and put it anywhere in your car, provided that you listen to the music properly and comfortably. Else buy a music head that comes off easily on the online shopping sites with lots of deal and discounts over a million brands. But if you wanna keep the prices down to earth and not want to spend a lot of money on just music system(which will also have Bluetooth) then looking elsewhere comes up as the best option. And what is it? Buying a Bluetooth speaker.

But is it perfectly capable? Now I don't what you might want to do with music head but if you are sure that you will use it for playing music and receiving calls(by chance), then a sufficiently and properly chosen Bluetooth speaker would not just do fine, but it will do incredibly great. Besides, almost all Bluetooth speakers come in wireless along with the battery too so you won't be limited to just use it in your car, you can use it anywhere you want. Plus, your car might come with a charging port which you can use to charge it up whenever you think it will need it.  Thus one speaker for all purpose.

Now when it comes to choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you should be very careful about considering the specifications. So that after buying you don't regret at all. One of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers which you can buy right now is the Acid eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth LED speaker which also comes with improved battery performance for running longer. But it might be the best option for your car entertainment? Let's analyze and see why.

But at first, let's think of installing it in your car. Now, since you are buying a portable speaker for your car, it doesn't at all depend on where you want to put it. It can go anywhere in your car you like, as it has a better sound output capability which will ultimately provide you with incredible music experience. But to be sure that you will receive the sound well, it is always better and efficient to keep your speaker at the back of your car, below the window pane(of course not outside the car, what were you thinking). This will better make the sound fully accomodable to the inner of your car out of which you can receive good sound even when playing at high volumes. Else keeping it in the front will also do better, you can control it by yourself. Another thing to consider here is that the speaker comes with multiple options for playing music, either by SD card or a pen drive or by direct Bluetooth. So using any of these would require you to control the speaker in different ways, since if you are playing via Bluetooth connection, then it is controllable by your smartphone only. You can keep the speaker anywhere you want and don't need to bother about that. But if you are using SD card or a pen drive to play music, then you have to keep it near you since you have to control it manually.

Now let us check out why the DY 28 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now.

First, it comes with a lot of media ports which will come highly useful to you when you want to play songs since you might not always play via the Bluetooth. Else for such a condition, the DY 28 has a direct SD card option and a full-size USB port for direct plug in and play. Most users consider it the best option to completely equip their speakers with all the songs they are gonna play on it and then plug the speaker in the car. No hassle at all. Else if you are not that static minded, then a pen drive would make a good option since you can play whatever song you want, If you don't like a song, delete it. These seem a more functional option then the SD card. Else use Bluetooth. So the speaker has all types of ports you want and you would possibly need.

Secondly, it comes with a high-grade sound output system which makes this speaker a complete alternative to rest of the speakers at the same price. It comes with the latest sound drivers with highly functional metallic speakers that are destined to work longer and longer no matter how much you use it. The speakers themselves come with effective noise reduction which eliminates any kind of noise that comes out of the audio track itself. Thus providing you with a seamless music experience even at high volumes. Also, the speaker provides most of the sound controls like bass, treble, vocals, and all the related ones.

Thirdly, The Acid eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth LED speaker is known as the best speaker due to its one aspect, it is high-grade battery performance which supersedes every speaker on the market right now at the Same price. It comes with a huge 4000mAh battery(which even many smartphones don't even come with) that has claimed battery performance of about 10 hours max, up to which you will be able to play music at a stretch, constantly. Thus, you won't even need to charge the speaker often for it to perform for the longest time. Also, the speaker has a standby time of around 16 hours which is incredible as it remains active for this time. Else you can switch it off completely for later use. The speaker requires around 3-4 hours to get completely charged up and then you are good to go. 

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to my laptop

Bluetooth speakers are widely used nowadays, mostly by the new generation people. Bluetooth speaker as the name says, works by utilising the technology of Bluetooth and that too, wirelessly. This gives a lot of portability to the speaker as most good and perfect sound systems are highly bulky. Although you might be able to get a lot out of it, portability does matter.

Well, millions of different models of Bluetooth speakers are available online and you can get one like the Acid Eye DY 28 portable Bluetooth speaker. Most users connect it via a smartphone or a laptop. Connecting via a smartphone is easy but do you know, how to connect it to a laptop???
Well if you don't then you have to come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the whole process on how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop.

Bluetooth speaker come differently specified with lots of controls, most of them don't come with a dedicated Bluetooth button. Bluetooth speaker companies do have an ego. But they provide a sequence code that can be pressed with all the available buttons, which can be used for the activation of the connection and then can be used with any device. But before that, let us get to the basic clearance about what you should know and do so that you don't end up with the problem.

Make sure you do these things before proceeding for connecting the device to the laptop.

Make sure, you know the sequence for the Bluetooth activation. This is usually provided by the company in the box. The sequence can be a series of button press which includes the buttons on the speaker. Know the sequence properly and then press the sequence of buttons to activate the Bluetooth. If your speaker has a dedicated button for the Bluetooth, use it to push on the connection(as sequence button technique is mostly used on Bluetooth headphones).

Secondly, check that your speaker actually works. This is something which most of the users don't seem to notice at all, which might create a big problem for you. Most of the Bluetooth speakers have a USB or an SD card option. Use it for playing a track directly from the USB or the card and check that the speaker works. This is more of an assurance that you should follow otherwise you won't be use your Speaker at all.

Thirdly, charge up your speaker to a certain level so that it should be good to go for work. Since Bluetooth speakers are widely wireless and have rechargeable batteries which is a good option for portability. Though these need to be charged often to get the speaker powered up.

Now let's proceed to the next steps.

After you have verified that your Bluetooth speaker is sound and working and has a sufficient amount of power, turn on the Bluetooth connection of the speaker. Also, make sure that you are connecting it to a laptop, so the laptop also should have an enabled Bluetooth connection to work with the Bluetooth speaker. And if your laptop doesn't have one, then you can use a USB Bluetooth device for using it as an intermediate connector for the laptop to work with the speaker. (if you are using such a device, the installation steps are simple, just plug in the device into the USB port of your laptop. Then plug in the installation disk into the DVD drive(it's a small mini sized disk) and use the auto installer which will guide you through the installation process. And then launch the application from your desktop and use it to turn on the Bluetooth of the USB device. Easy Peasy).

After you have activated the connection from your laptop, see if the Bluetooth speaker device name shows up into the laptop's devices section(in the Bluetooth devices). If it doesn't show up, then there a problem might have occurred.

It might be ;

1. The speaker is not near enough which is the most common problem. Since Bluetooth connection enabling between two devices has to be done when the devices are near enough as Bluetooth has limited range connectivity which is just up to a couple of metres. So make sure the speaker and the laptop, both are near to each other so the connection can be enabled properly.
2. Any of the devices are not properly functioning. This might be a driver problem which can occur. In order to solve it, do a restart of the device. The solution is both for the laptop and the speaker. A simple restart can restore the device functions to normal.

3. You have wifi or hotspot enabled in your laptop. This might look like a rare problem but it always occurs as most users use wifi for using internet on their laptops. While it should not cause a problem at all, most devices don't come with such capability to work with different wireless connections simultaneously together. In order of that case, disable your wifi or hotspot and then try again for establishing the connection.

After the devices have restored to normal working condition and it has shown up in the devices section, click on it.

Then a pairing option will pop up. Pairing is done in order to make a Bluetooth device work with another device after acceptance of the similar passcode from both the devices. And it is important to pair up the devices. Pairing can be the problem. Most devices don't get paired properly. But latest Bluetooth devices come with automatic pairing with a random code generation by any of the devices and then the other device accepts the code. And the pairing is done.

If you think the pairing is not getting done at all, then do a restart of the device. This will solve the problem completely. After you have paired the device, you are good to go to stream songs and other music to your Bluetooth speaker without any issue. Thus, now you know how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop.  You can buy bluetooth speakers online in India From Acid Eye Website.

How does a portable Bluetooth speaker work?

Bluetooth speakers are widely used all over the world by most of the people. This is due to the fact that Bluetooth speakers are highly portable and come without the mess and hassles of wires which sometimes get very irritating. Also taking wired speakers from one place to another during travelling is one hell of a big mess and once a wire gets torn, then you have to deal with it too. It can be repaired but who wants such problems if Bluetooth speakers can be used instead. That's where one of many advantages of using Bluetooth speakers like the acid eye DY 28 come to handy.
Well everyone uses Bluetooth speakers and most users are fascinated by the way he or she works. Are you? Do you want to know the techniques which make the Bluetooth speakers work like magic? If you do so, then you have to come to the right place and we will exactly do that. Now we will analyse how a Bluetooth speaker actually works.

Bluetooth speakers have two things common in them which make them work. One is the Bluetooth connector that sends and receive connections while the other one is the audio output system which is either a sound output like a speaker or a sound input like a microphone.
The main idea of the working is that the connector connects the device to another device using the similar Bluetooth configuration and then data received or sent is sent directly forwarded to the speakers.
Well, the internals doesn't work that simply. They have to cope with speeds, data bus, data sending and receiving and lot more. Also, a Bluetooth system has a passcode verification system which does the pairing, a nearby device recognition module which recognises the nearby Bluetooth enabled devices.
Now, let's talk about the connector. The connector is the Main party here who does all the hard work of dealing with data. In simple words, the connector is also known as Bluetooth connector too. Its main work is to send and receive data to and from other devices.
The connector has several modules that work together. The main is the recognized which recognises the nearby Bluetooth devices. When you turn on your Bluetooth device, this thing gets turned on. It recognises any nearby systems that have the same code IDs. Bluetooth devices have a similar configuration ID which can be recognized by any Bluetooth device and it can interact with it. This is directed into the circuit itself. The identification declares the device as a Bluetooth device and after the user agrees for a connection to that device, a passcode is sent to the other device.
Now, this sending of a code is done by verifier which after a device is recognized. It immediately notes down the address of the other device and sends out a pairing code which should be accepted by the other device.
The code verification system earlier worked in a different way. Older Bluetooth systems did not have an automatic verifier. The code has to be sent manually by the user after creating it on the device itself. The code sent is recognised by the user, and then after acceptance, the connection is set up, as the code received by the second device is directly passed over to the user to verify. The absence of a verifier was one of the problems in previous Bluetooth device which sometimes was unable to pair properly as code verification was halted due to mismatch, although systems worked good enough.

This does no longer exists.
After the verification is done, the pairing is done and the data business can begin between the two devices.

Both the devices note down the alternate Bluetooth address to which the data is to be sent. This is a simple address transfer as the by command system, the preferred data is sent to the active selection port which is either the speaker or a headphone jack. The port data bus coming into the connector can also be from an audio input system like a microphone. Best bluetooth speaker online India nowadays are providing a microphone for an extra feature for user satisfaction.
The data sending and receiving is simple. Bluetooth works similar to a radio system which sends radio waves for data transfer. The Range is huge though for a Bluetooth system, the range is small. Since it is for a relatively near area communication, the range doesn't that much matter.
This is how a Bluetooth connector works.

Now regarding the fitting of this complex setup in a speaker is not an easy job. A Bluetooth system has to work perfectly for efficient performance. Wireless Bluetooth speakers come with a rechargeable battery for providing the power as wires are not used it at all.
Most of the Bluetooth speaker come with extraordinary features including a clock, LED lightings and lot more.

So how does all this work together?
The main connector is set up first, to which the speaker is connected. The verifier and the recogniser are fitted already in the connector. To the input, the data ports are connected that includes media ports like USB, mini-USB too, SD card slot, even the microphone. From this, the data is received and sent over the speaker from directly, without the assistance of the connector. Since this is a direct chip readout which can be done easily.
If data is to be sent to another Bluetooth device like from a phone to a speaker, then the working mechanism is bit different. The audio is collected from the main device, sent to the connector which then passes this data to the paired address of the other Bluetooth device which then plays the received data via the speaker after getting from received the connector of the receiving device. Some speakers have LED feedback which is connected to the receiving data bus. When data is received, the LEDs light up and down according to the data waveform. This creates a beautiful throbbing effect which looks amazing.

So now you know how a Bluetooth speaker works.

Review : Is Acid Eye Dy 27 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is Good ?

I personally feel Acid Eye Dy27 Bluetooth speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speaker that are currently available in the market. Starting from sound quality to the bass effect it is capable of satisfying your desires.

Acid eye is one company that guarantees you if you are not satisfied with the product, you can any time return it. While surfing the internet, I got to know about the brand called acid eye. Earlier, I was not aware of this brand known; later, I got to know that acid eye is one of the top mobile accessories manufacturers. I had a perception that JBL speakers are the best speakers in the market but after using acid eye dy27 speakers my perception got changed.
I was attending my sister’s baby shower that was organised at home. I saw a gadget that was not only acting as a speaker but an alarm clock and a led lamp. When I asked my sister about that speaker, he told me this is an acid eye product called Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with HD Sound and Bass. I was little surprised to see how a small looking gadget was doing so many different stuff. It’s been 6 months; I am using Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. I am totally satisfied with the product performance and can anytime suggest anyone about this product , From my end, 5 stars to Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker and 100 stars to acid eye as an overall company for delivery such good products.

Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (White)

 Addition Feature: Alarm clock, Night lap and clock

 Battery: Rechargeable battery

 Warranty: 1 year warranty

 Price: Rs 2900

 Available:

Buy From Amazon :

Meet the new Acid Eye DY 28 Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are in some way the successor of the battery powered transistor radios, offering more interesting features to the new generation consumer .


Acideye DY 28 Mini speaker can fulfill all request of a multi-functional speaker. There are many modes in this speaker, such as Bluetooth Mode, Clock mode, Alarm Mode. And it can also Support AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing. Its stereo speaker presents rich and unforgetful audio feast. Acideye DY 28 must be the optimal choice for a multi-functional speaker.

The Acideye DY 28 Bluetooth headphones can be found online at for less than Rs.3000.

LED Display.  3 Level Brightness .
Built-in LED light touch sensor one the top.
Connectivity option is Bluetooth and has a working range of 10m as can play music.
The Frequency Response Of this Device is 250 HZ-16KHZ and the Signal to Noise Ratio is less than 85 DB. Bluetooth 3.0 ensures longer transmission distance.

Touch Sensor LED Lamp Music Player.
Bluetooth 4.0 ensures longer transmission distance.
Composed double channel speaker, feel the same sound at every angle, perfect sound 360 degrees released.

Built-in speakerphone and microphone, answering incoming calls easily.
Long time to play: External power adapter built in lithium rechargeable 4000mAh large capacity battery, 6 - 8 hours working time, enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

Supports AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing.
MP3/WAV/WMA format files available.

Acideye DY 28 Mini speaker can fulfil all your request of a multi-functional speaker. There are many modes in this speaker, such as Bluetooth Mode, Clock mode, Alarm Mode. And it can also Support AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing. Its stereo speaker presents you rich and unforgetful audio feast. Acideye DY 28 must be your optimal choice for a multi-functional speaker. DY 28 Features: Playing Mode: With advanced Bluetooth 3.0 which has advantage of fast transmission and stable signal, it perfectly compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as, for iPhone, for Samsung Galaxy, for HTC One, Tablet PC, Laptop, etc. It also supports AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing.

Perfect Sound Quality: 3D surround stereo speaker provides you audio feast with powerful bass and clear high frequency. LED Light: It turns to night -light mode, four levels can be choosing: no light / low brightness / middle brightness / high brightness. You can adjust the lightness as you like in different occasion. Tap the metal cover and easily adjust the LED brightness from dim to intermediate to bright for different ambiances such as bedroom , outdoor , reading or more places. Time Mode and Alarm Mode. Press and hold MODE to enter the setting time mode, you can start to set the time based on your local time. In Alarm mode, long press MODE key to enter the setting alarm mode. Once you see a bell photo shines on the display, you can set alarm time as you need. Endurance Time: With built-in lithium battery 4000 MAH, it provides up to 4-8 hours of continuous playing time, 15 days of standby time. No need to worry about the battery when power off outside. COMPATIBILITY:
Bluetooth enabled smart phones and tablets.

Media players

Lightweight enough to move from one place to another, with good battery life


Acid eye DY28 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Touchable LED Table Lamp Alarm Clock

1. USB Cable
2. User Manual

BUYING LINK: is currently the best online e-commerce site whose major focus is selling Bluetooth headphones, earphones, speakers, quality mobile accessories to customers at an affordable price range and delivering the product at their doorstep. In the year 2013 , a young entrepreneur , Mr. Pulkit Vij established the ACID EYE.

How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are much more popular now for their better functionality and sleekness. Wired headsets have several advantages over wireless ones, as to a stable source power supply and seamless music which you can listen continuously as much as you like. Well for wireless headsets, the advantages are the other way round as they don’t have a stable power supply source, no continuous music experience.
But these offer better portability, better functionality and you can listen to music anywhere you want without taking the source or your phone everywhere. When it comes to listening to music via a Bluetooth headset, how can you actually do it?

So, How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset?

Now listening to music on your Bluetooth headset might seem a hard task, but no worries. We have backed you up. Below is a simple guide on how to do it properly.

First, check your Bluetooth headset.

You have to check your Bluetooth headset at first, which is the first task. Sometimes, a faulty headset might be a big unnoticed problem. Some users use a faulty headset and then blame on the steps not being right as they are not able to use it at all.
There are several ways to check on your headset whether it works or not. Take a mobile phone with Bluetooth and turn it on. Then turn the Bluetooth of the headset on. Some headsets have different procedures for activating the connection, which might include pressing a sequence of buttons, or a single dedicated Bluetooth button (try looking into the manual). One thing to consider here is that you will have to keep the visibility on, on the other device, else the headset will not get discovered. This is a common error which occurs, but much of the users don’t seem to get it at all. Also, Bluetooth enabled devices to have to near enough for a successful discovery and a pair. Do keep that in mind too. After you have done it, in the search results, the Bluetooth device name will show up on the mobile phone. And if it does, that means you have done it properly.

Secondly, Do the pairing.

Now that you have successfully turned on the connection of the Bluetooth headset neckband, and it is discovered too on the mobile phone, its time for the pairing. Pairing is much more necessary as both the devices have to be connected in order for the data sharing to continue, which needs a sender and a receiver (in simplest terms).
Pairing with a Bluetooth headset is a bit different from the pairing of mobile phones or devices with binary inputs. As with Bluetooth headsets, there is no input for letters or numbers or even no buttons for that to enter the pairing code for a successful pair. Although you might not be needing this at all since Bluetooth headsets come with a specific pair code which is only needed to be matched on the other device (smartphone or mobile).
You might have to verify from which device the pairing code is coming, else a wrong device pair can happen too. Make sure the pairing code came from the Bluetooth headset’s name, which is the correct one (in case you want to listen to songs). After the pairing is done successfully, now you are on with your Bluetooth headset.

Thirdly, Do a final check.
Once your headset is connected, try playing a music track on your phone, and make sure you do hear it on your headset speakers. If you do, you have the process rightfully. And if you don’t then try repeating the process over again, with a complete restart of both the Bluetooth devices.

Troubleshooting common connection problems.

If you have a problem connecting the headset to the device, then look for the solutions below.

1. Keep both the devices much much near enough, as Bluetooth has a short range less than that of Wifi.
2. Put visibility mode on your phone or mobile on, so that the headset gets discovered properly.
3. Make sure your Bluetooth headset works properly and you know the exact procedure on how to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your Bluetooth headset.
4. If the devices are unable to detect themselves, then turn off and on the Bluetooth again on both of the devices.
5. Try restarting your phone and then using the Bluetooth connection.
6. If you have already connected, but it is not yet working then try deleting the headset from the devices in your mobile phone and then reconnect again.

How to use a Bluetooth headset with your phone

Bluetooth headsets are much more comfortable to use for daily use. That is because you can use it independently whenever you want and wherever you want without the need to worry. Also, Bluetooth headsets now come with better sound output and lesser noises which makes them completely superior to the wired headsets. Also, simply wired headsets only have a single button for handsfree option and also for music tracks, wireless headsets with better sound drivers come with much more buttons, much better control over the smartphone and also better sound controls regarding bass, vocals, trebles, and the lot more like the Acid Eye S7 Bluetooth Headset.

As to use wireless headset, these actually come with Bluetooth connectors which are main bridge line for the connection between the source device and the headset. Aside it might have a bit of difficulty regarding Bluetooth connections and pairing, reading, visibility, else Bluetooth connected headsets provide you with more control. But you first have to know how to use a Bluetooth headset properly with a Bluetooth enabled streaming device that also needs to be well configured for the headset to work properly.

So, at first, you have to know that a Bluetooth enabled headset has to have some configurations set which will make it able to be accepted by the streaming device. This might include you to do some things as follows ;

1. Make sure the headset works perfectly and is in a good condition with the Bluetooth.
2. Different headsets have different controls for enabling the Bluetooth connection. Some headsets have settings that might require it to press one or two buttons simultaneously for pushing the Bluetooth on, some have a dedicated Bluetooth button, and some don’t. Make sure you know these settings and do it properly for enabling the Bluetooth in your headset, and they connect it to the streamer. Else, for a perfectly working Bluetooth, you might not be able to get a good connection or no connection at all.
3. Keep the Bluetooth headset close enough which is the distance lower than the Bluetooth range as it will not be coverable then.
4. See if your Bluetooth headset has sufficient battery power to make it work.
5. Make sure that the streamer or the device you are going to connect to the headset has a perfectly working Bluetooth connectivity.

After you have made sure that these situations don’t arise at all, then you are finally off to connect your Bluetooth headset to a device.

Now for connecting the Bluetooth for a device, all the settings are similar. As for smartphones, it’s a bit different but we got you covered, so don’t worry. For connecting it to a smartphone, see for the following steps ;

For Android Smartphones

1. At first, turn on your Bluetooth setting for enabling it in your smartphone, you can do this either in the notification menu itself, by tapping the Bluetooth icon or directly by going to the Bluetooth settings.
2. Then put on the Bluetooth visibility option in the setting, as it is necessary for the headset to be discovered. Some headsets have different configurations techniques, so make sure you know the right one.
3. Wait for being discovered, for around a minute. Else put off the visibility and the Bluetooth option both and then again turn them on. This always works as Bluetooth devices don’t get recognized for the first time, as this sometimes causes a driver problem.
4. After the Bluetooth headset is identified you have to pair it with a specific key or a password. Passwords are for the older mobile phones when the automatic key generation was not enabled or used at that time.
5. After it has been successfully paired, now you are good to go with your headset. Do make sure you know the name or the visibility ID name of your headset’s Bluetooth device which might be easy for you to recognise it afterward for a better connection. After successful pairing and connection, do test out your headset with music or calls.

For Apple iOS smartphones.

The procedure is pretty much same.

1. Check for your Bluetooth device if it works perfectly then use the specific method to turn it on which might include pressing a few buttons altogether or some headsets do come with a separate button for the Bluetooth connection.
2. Then go to your iPhone, you have to enable the Bluetooth too on it, you can do either by pulling down the notification menu and then tapping on Bluetooth, or you can directly go over to the settings and turn the Bluetooth on and wait for the pairing.
3. You have to both put your phone and the headset in the discoverable mode in order to be recognized by themselves.
4. After successful recognition, you need to pair the two devices, which is sometimes done automatically with the latest smartphones and headsets, else you have to tap to the pair option in your phone and then you will get password pin which you have to accept, and then the headset will get paired.
5. After pairing, you are good enough to go with your headset to use it.

Solutions to problems that can arise during connection of the headset.

1. headset not being visible, you can solve it by restarting your device and the headset also.
2. If the pairing is not done properly, the headset will not work at all, in case of such a problem, restart the Bluetooth on the headset, and then try again.
3. If after connection, the headset doesn't work at all, then either check whether the speakers work perfectly or not, else restart the pairing process once again. Do remember to delete the present connection in your phone with which the headset was used.

Enabling Bluetooth connections with smartphones can be a tough job and if not done properly can lead to serious problems which sometimes are most irritating. Do remember to follow the steps properly which have been listed above and then try connecting your headset.

Top Bluetooth headset with the mic in India under 2000

Bluetooth headset are much more applicable nowadays as they offer much better features for a very low price. Wireless headsets are also now widely available and offer better performance too over the wired headsets. Also as opposed to traditional wired headsets, wireless headsets now also come with the better phone like features including mic control, bass and treble along with one-way volume controls too which is great.
But you might be confused on which headset to buy. So we came up with this article to help you out.

Below are the Top Bluetooth headset with a mic in India under 2000

1. Acid Eye U8 Bluetooth Wireless Headset With Built-In Mic

The Acid Eye U8 Bluetooth Wireless HeaDsets comes with a great build quality and with the newest sound system drivers that seem to work with any smartphone. Over it, it comes with a wireless enhancement system that allows you to connect your headset with your phone. Also providing better sound quality with lesser noises the headsets also come with a dedicated microphone which can be used for answering calls directly from your smartphone.

2. JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless In-Ear Headset with Mic
The JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless In-Ear Headset is one of the slimmest headsets that might have been made so far. It offers a slim stylish body. Don’t just go with the looks, it comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that supports better streaming and longer connections than usual. With the slim body technology the JBL headset doesn't compromise on the battery side, rather it performs with around providing around 5 hours of battery backup. It also comes with a microphone too.

3. QCY Q26 Wireless Invisible Headsets With Mic

The QCY Q26 Wireless Invisible Headsets are actually the best headsets that you can buy right now and it has some truly amazing features including an all-rounder micro body structure that somehow just seems like the earbud. Also coming the latest sound drivers, better bass management and with a mini battery that also performs much better than expected. The headset is extremely light and can be used anywhere. Also, it comes with a built-in microphone which works in accordance with the pod and can be used to answer calls directly. 4. FREE SOLO Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Noice Isolating Sports Headsets with Mic and Controller The FREE SOLO Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Noice Isolating Sports headsets come with a built-in microphone and a setup controller which can be used to control the functions in the headset. These headsets might be a choice for most of the people as it comes with a very thin and light body with all the supplementary features which other headsets provide a higher price. Providing latest Bluetooth 4.0 connection for faster streaming and performance along with better battery backups, the Freesolo headset comes with a dedicated mic too.

5. Zebronics BE360 Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The Zebronics BE360 Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset comes in the way cheap for the price and a dedicated mic too for answering to phone calls directly from your smartphones. Coming with the latest sound drivers and a better in-ear noise management, these headsets come in all equipped for providing the best performance for a very low price. It even features a lower battery consumption system technique which saves battery life thus providing longer battery backups, with which you can listen to your favorite music tracks for a longer time.

6. Drumstone M17 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth v4.1 Headset with Mic

The Drumstone M17 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth v4.1 Headset also comes with the dedicated microphone that helps in answering your phone calls, directly without using your smartphone at all. Coming with the new system sound drivers which offer better bass controls and treble performance along with less applicable noises, this ensures that you get the best out of your headsets. And that all for such a low price. It too comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connector that allows you to connect to your smartphone wirelessly and enjoy music without any worries.

7. I Ball Exquisite Design Pulsebt4 Neckband Wireless Headsets With Mic

The iBall Exquisite Design Pulsebt4 Neckband Wireless Headphones comes with the latest build design and acoustic looks that makes it one of the best looking headsets that you can buy right now. It comes with easily reachable control buttons along with volume controls too that increases its performance while using. Also, it comes with the newest best sound drivers which provide a better sound output, lesser annoying noises and much more in a small package. Also, it comes with improved battery performance with around 6 hours of stellar battery backup which is much better than most of the headsets out there. Also, with all the features included, the headset also comes with a dedicated built-in mic that becomes much useful when it comes to answering calls right over from your phone.

8. iBall Music Clutch Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The iBall Music Clutch Bluetooth Headset is another stellar headset that comes with a dedicated microphone that does wonders when you are not near your phone, but you can still answer to your calls. This is one intense functionality which most headsets don’t come with. Other features like better sound system, better and newer build quality with fine finishes and improved battery backup along with a faster Bluetooth 4.0 connection, this headset is one of the best you can buy right now.

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