Meet the new Acid Eye DY 28 Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are in some way the successor of the battery powered transistor radios, offering more interesting features to the new generation consumer .


Acideye DY 28 Mini speaker can fulfill all request of a multi-functional speaker. There are many modes in this speaker, such as Bluetooth Mode, Clock mode, Alarm Mode. And it can also Support AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing. Its stereo speaker presents rich and unforgetful audio feast. Acideye DY 28 must be the optimal choice for a multi-functional speaker.

The Acideye DY 28 Bluetooth headphones can be found online at for less than Rs.3000.

LED Display.  3 Level Brightness .
Built-in LED light touch sensor one the top.
Connectivity option is Bluetooth and has a working range of 10m as can play music.
The Frequency Response Of this Device is 250 HZ-16KHZ and the Signal to Noise Ratio is less than 85 DB. Bluetooth 3.0 ensures longer transmission distance.

Touch Sensor LED Lamp Music Player.
Bluetooth 4.0 ensures longer transmission distance.
Composed double channel speaker, feel the same sound at every angle, perfect sound 360 degrees released.

Built-in speakerphone and microphone, answering incoming calls easily.
Long time to play: External power adapter built in lithium rechargeable 4000mAh large capacity battery, 6 - 8 hours working time, enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

Supports AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing.
MP3/WAV/WMA format files available.

Acideye DY 28 Mini speaker can fulfil all your request of a multi-functional speaker. There are many modes in this speaker, such as Bluetooth Mode, Clock mode, Alarm Mode. And it can also Support AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing. Its stereo speaker presents you rich and unforgetful audio feast. Acideye DY 28 must be your optimal choice for a multi-functional speaker. DY 28 Features: Playing Mode: With advanced Bluetooth 3.0 which has advantage of fast transmission and stable signal, it perfectly compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as, for iPhone, for Samsung Galaxy, for HTC One, Tablet PC, Laptop, etc. It also supports AUX LINE-IN and TF Card playing.

Perfect Sound Quality: 3D surround stereo speaker provides you audio feast with powerful bass and clear high frequency. LED Light: It turns to night -light mode, four levels can be choosing: no light / low brightness / middle brightness / high brightness. You can adjust the lightness as you like in different occasion. Tap the metal cover and easily adjust the LED brightness from dim to intermediate to bright for different ambiances such as bedroom , outdoor , reading or more places. Time Mode and Alarm Mode. Press and hold MODE to enter the setting time mode, you can start to set the time based on your local time. In Alarm mode, long press MODE key to enter the setting alarm mode. Once you see a bell photo shines on the display, you can set alarm time as you need. Endurance Time: With built-in lithium battery 4000 MAH, it provides up to 4-8 hours of continuous playing time, 15 days of standby time. No need to worry about the battery when power off outside. COMPATIBILITY:
Bluetooth enabled smart phones and tablets.

Media players

Lightweight enough to move from one place to another, with good battery life


Acid eye DY28 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Touchable LED Table Lamp Alarm Clock

1. USB Cable
2. User Manual

BUYING LINK: is currently the best online e-commerce site whose major focus is selling Bluetooth headphones, earphones, speakers, quality mobile accessories to customers at an affordable price range and delivering the product at their doorstep. In the year 2013 , a young entrepreneur , Mr. Pulkit Vij established the ACID EYE.

How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are much more popular now for their better functionality and sleekness. Wired headsets have several advantages over wireless ones, as to a stable source power supply and seamless music which you can listen continuously as much as you like. Well for wireless headsets, the advantages are the other way round as they don’t have a stable power supply source, no continuous music experience.
But these offer better portability, better functionality and you can listen to music anywhere you want without taking the source or your phone everywhere. When it comes to listening to music via a Bluetooth headset, how can you actually do it?

So, How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset?

Now listening to music on your Bluetooth headset might seem a hard task, but no worries. We have backed you up. Below is a simple guide on how to do it properly.

First, check your Bluetooth headset.

You have to check your Bluetooth headset at first, which is the first task. Sometimes, a faulty headset might be a big unnoticed problem. Some users use a faulty headset and then blame on the steps not being right as they are not able to use it at all.
There are several ways to check on your headset whether it works or not. Take a mobile phone with Bluetooth and turn it on. Then turn the Bluetooth of the headset on. Some headsets have different procedures for activating the connection, which might include pressing a sequence of buttons, or a single dedicated Bluetooth button (try looking into the manual). One thing to consider here is that you will have to keep the visibility on, on the other device, else the headset will not get discovered. This is a common error which occurs, but much of the users don’t seem to get it at all. Also, Bluetooth enabled devices to have to near enough for a successful discovery and a pair. Do keep that in mind too. After you have done it, in the search results, the Bluetooth device name will show up on the mobile phone. And if it does, that means you have done it properly.

Secondly, Do the pairing.

Now that you have successfully turned on the connection of the Bluetooth headset neckband, and it is discovered too on the mobile phone, its time for the pairing. Pairing is much more necessary as both the devices have to be connected in order for the data sharing to continue, which needs a sender and a receiver (in simplest terms).
Pairing with a Bluetooth headset is a bit different from the pairing of mobile phones or devices with binary inputs. As with Bluetooth headsets, there is no input for letters or numbers or even no buttons for that to enter the pairing code for a successful pair. Although you might not be needing this at all since Bluetooth headsets come with a specific pair code which is only needed to be matched on the other device (smartphone or mobile).
You might have to verify from which device the pairing code is coming, else a wrong device pair can happen too. Make sure the pairing code came from the Bluetooth headset’s name, which is the correct one (in case you want to listen to songs). After the pairing is done successfully, now you are on with your Bluetooth headset.

Thirdly, Do a final check.
Once your headset is connected, try playing a music track on your phone, and make sure you do hear it on your headset speakers. If you do, you have the process rightfully. And if you don’t then try repeating the process over again, with a complete restart of both the Bluetooth devices.

Troubleshooting common connection problems.

If you have a problem connecting the headset to the device, then look for the solutions below.

1. Keep both the devices much much near enough, as Bluetooth has a short range less than that of Wifi.
2. Put visibility mode on your phone or mobile on, so that the headset gets discovered properly.
3. Make sure your Bluetooth headset works properly and you know the exact procedure on how to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your Bluetooth headset.
4. If the devices are unable to detect themselves, then turn off and on the Bluetooth again on both of the devices.
5. Try restarting your phone and then using the Bluetooth connection.
6. If you have already connected, but it is not yet working then try deleting the headset from the devices in your mobile phone and then reconnect again.

How to use a Bluetooth headset with your phone

Bluetooth headsets are much more comfortable to use for daily use. That is because you can use it independently whenever you want and wherever you want without the need to worry. Also, Bluetooth headsets now come with better sound output and lesser noises which makes them completely superior to the wired headsets. Also, simply wired headsets only have a single button for handsfree option and also for music tracks, wireless headsets with better sound drivers come with much more buttons, much better control over the smartphone and also better sound controls regarding bass, vocals, trebles, and the lot more like the Acid Eye S7 Bluetooth Headset.

As to use wireless headset, these actually come with Bluetooth connectors which are main bridge line for the connection between the source device and the headset. Aside it might have a bit of difficulty regarding Bluetooth connections and pairing, reading, visibility, else Bluetooth connected headsets provide you with more control. But you first have to know how to use a Bluetooth headset properly with a Bluetooth enabled streaming device that also needs to be well configured for the headset to work properly.

So, at first, you have to know that a Bluetooth enabled headset has to have some configurations set which will make it able to be accepted by the streaming device. This might include you to do some things as follows ;

1. Make sure the headset works perfectly and is in a good condition with the Bluetooth.
2. Different headsets have different controls for enabling the Bluetooth connection. Some headsets have settings that might require it to press one or two buttons simultaneously for pushing the Bluetooth on, some have a dedicated Bluetooth button, and some don’t. Make sure you know these settings and do it properly for enabling the Bluetooth in your headset, and they connect it to the streamer. Else, for a perfectly working Bluetooth, you might not be able to get a good connection or no connection at all.
3. Keep the Bluetooth headset close enough which is the distance lower than the Bluetooth range as it will not be coverable then.
4. See if your Bluetooth headset has sufficient battery power to make it work.
5. Make sure that the streamer or the device you are going to connect to the headset has a perfectly working Bluetooth connectivity.

After you have made sure that these situations don’t arise at all, then you are finally off to connect your Bluetooth headset to a device.

Now for connecting the Bluetooth for a device, all the settings are similar. As for smartphones, it’s a bit different but we got you covered, so don’t worry. For connecting it to a smartphone, see for the following steps ;

For Android Smartphones

1. At first, turn on your Bluetooth setting for enabling it in your smartphone, you can do this either in the notification menu itself, by tapping the Bluetooth icon or directly by going to the Bluetooth settings.
2. Then put on the Bluetooth visibility option in the setting, as it is necessary for the headset to be discovered. Some headsets have different configurations techniques, so make sure you know the right one.
3. Wait for being discovered, for around a minute. Else put off the visibility and the Bluetooth option both and then again turn them on. This always works as Bluetooth devices don’t get recognized for the first time, as this sometimes causes a driver problem.
4. After the Bluetooth headset is identified you have to pair it with a specific key or a password. Passwords are for the older mobile phones when the automatic key generation was not enabled or used at that time.
5. After it has been successfully paired, now you are good to go with your headset. Do make sure you know the name or the visibility ID name of your headset’s Bluetooth device which might be easy for you to recognise it afterward for a better connection. After successful pairing and connection, do test out your headset with music or calls.

For Apple iOS smartphones.

The procedure is pretty much same.

1. Check for your Bluetooth device if it works perfectly then use the specific method to turn it on which might include pressing a few buttons altogether or some headsets do come with a separate button for the Bluetooth connection.
2. Then go to your iPhone, you have to enable the Bluetooth too on it, you can do either by pulling down the notification menu and then tapping on Bluetooth, or you can directly go over to the settings and turn the Bluetooth on and wait for the pairing.
3. You have to both put your phone and the headset in the discoverable mode in order to be recognized by themselves.
4. After successful recognition, you need to pair the two devices, which is sometimes done automatically with the latest smartphones and headsets, else you have to tap to the pair option in your phone and then you will get password pin which you have to accept, and then the headset will get paired.
5. After pairing, you are good enough to go with your headset to use it.

Solutions to problems that can arise during connection of the headset.

1. headset not being visible, you can solve it by restarting your device and the headset also.
2. If the pairing is not done properly, the headset will not work at all, in case of such a problem, restart the Bluetooth on the headset, and then try again.
3. If after connection, the headset doesn't work at all, then either check whether the speakers work perfectly or not, else restart the pairing process once again. Do remember to delete the present connection in your phone with which the headset was used.

Enabling Bluetooth connections with smartphones can be a tough job and if not done properly can lead to serious problems which sometimes are most irritating. Do remember to follow the steps properly which have been listed above and then try connecting your headset.

Top Bluetooth headset with the mic in India under 2000

Bluetooth headset are much more applicable nowadays as they offer much better features for a very low price. Wireless headsets are also now widely available and offer better performance too over the wired headsets. Also as opposed to traditional wired headsets, wireless headsets now also come with the better phone like features including mic control, bass and treble along with one-way volume controls too which is great.
But you might be confused on which headset to buy. So we came up with this article to help you out.

Below are the Top Bluetooth headset with a mic in India under 2000

1. Acid Eye U8 Bluetooth Wireless Headset With Built-In Mic

The Acid Eye U8 Bluetooth Wireless HeaDsets comes with a great build quality and with the newest sound system drivers that seem to work with any smartphone. Over it, it comes with a wireless enhancement system that allows you to connect your headset with your phone. Also providing better sound quality with lesser noises the headsets also come with a dedicated microphone which can be used for answering calls directly from your smartphone.

2. JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless In-Ear Headset with Mic
The JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless In-Ear Headset is one of the slimmest headsets that might have been made so far. It offers a slim stylish body. Don’t just go with the looks, it comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that supports better streaming and longer connections than usual. With the slim body technology the JBL headset doesn't compromise on the battery side, rather it performs with around providing around 5 hours of battery backup. It also comes with a microphone too.

3. QCY Q26 Wireless Invisible Headsets With Mic

The QCY Q26 Wireless Invisible Headsets are actually the best headsets that you can buy right now and it has some truly amazing features including an all-rounder micro body structure that somehow just seems like the earbud. Also coming the latest sound drivers, better bass management and with a mini battery that also performs much better than expected. The headset is extremely light and can be used anywhere. Also, it comes with a built-in microphone which works in accordance with the pod and can be used to answer calls directly. 4. FREE SOLO Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Noice Isolating Sports Headsets with Mic and Controller The FREE SOLO Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Noice Isolating Sports headsets come with a built-in microphone and a setup controller which can be used to control the functions in the headset. These headsets might be a choice for most of the people as it comes with a very thin and light body with all the supplementary features which other headsets provide a higher price. Providing latest Bluetooth 4.0 connection for faster streaming and performance along with better battery backups, the Freesolo headset comes with a dedicated mic too.

5. Zebronics BE360 Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The Zebronics BE360 Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset comes in the way cheap for the price and a dedicated mic too for answering to phone calls directly from your smartphones. Coming with the latest sound drivers and a better in-ear noise management, these headsets come in all equipped for providing the best performance for a very low price. It even features a lower battery consumption system technique which saves battery life thus providing longer battery backups, with which you can listen to your favorite music tracks for a longer time.

6. Drumstone M17 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth v4.1 Headset with Mic

The Drumstone M17 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth v4.1 Headset also comes with the dedicated microphone that helps in answering your phone calls, directly without using your smartphone at all. Coming with the new system sound drivers which offer better bass controls and treble performance along with less applicable noises, this ensures that you get the best out of your headsets. And that all for such a low price. It too comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connector that allows you to connect to your smartphone wirelessly and enjoy music without any worries.

7. I Ball Exquisite Design Pulsebt4 Neckband Wireless Headsets With Mic

The iBall Exquisite Design Pulsebt4 Neckband Wireless Headphones comes with the latest build design and acoustic looks that makes it one of the best looking headsets that you can buy right now. It comes with easily reachable control buttons along with volume controls too that increases its performance while using. Also, it comes with the newest best sound drivers which provide a better sound output, lesser annoying noises and much more in a small package. Also, it comes with improved battery performance with around 6 hours of stellar battery backup which is much better than most of the headsets out there. Also, with all the features included, the headset also comes with a dedicated built-in mic that becomes much useful when it comes to answering calls right over from your phone.

8. iBall Music Clutch Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The iBall Music Clutch Bluetooth Headset is another stellar headset that comes with a dedicated microphone that does wonders when you are not near your phone, but you can still answer to your calls. This is one intense functionality which most headsets don’t come with. Other features like better sound system, better and newer build quality with fine finishes and improved battery backup along with a faster Bluetooth 4.0 connection, this headset is one of the best you can buy right now.


5 Key Things To Know When Buying A Power Bank

Smartphones’ battery doesn’t get to go long as after some time the battery dies. And you are out of charge. So if you are in this kind of a problem, you think of buying another phone that has a bigger battery capacity. Or it should at least provide longer battery backups. Else, your only solution is a power bank that comes with a huge capacity and you can charge your phone with it.
But how good should be a power bank? And what should you know when buying one? This article will exactly guide you through that.

5 Key Things To Know When Buying A Power Bank

1. Make sure the capacity is good.
When buying power banks, the topmost thing that you should be thinking about is the capacity of it. The capacity of the power bank defines in terms of mAh. More of it, the better.
Now power banks come in around 5000mAh to 20000mAh Power Bank , even more. These amount of capacities should be fine for around 2-3 times recharge for your smartphone battery.

When buying a power bank, make sure your bank’s capacity should be times more than the capacity of your mobile’s battery pack. And you should also know how much times, you will be able to charge up your phone. Like a 5000mAh can be used to charge up a 2500mAh battery phone twice, or a 3000mAh roughly one and a half times. Else you should go for bigger capacities.
Most power banks are also used for charging laptops and tablets, which might be not as efficient as charging smartphones since these do eat up a lot of power. So, if your purpose is gonna charge devices which has either laptops (via USB C port charging) or tablets, then get a big one. Bigger as 15000mAh, which will do good.

2. Portability should be a problem.

Power banks are used mostly for portability since carrying the charger everywhere sometimes is inconvenient. And you won't be able to find a charging port that easily in a remote area. In these cases, power banks will help you a lot.
Although capacity determines the size of it, bigger capacity means a big one. Although bigger power banks become a hassle to carry as they are much heavy, as small ones fit right into your pocket. As to get out of this problem, when you buy a power bank, make sure what you actually want it to be, bigger capacity or a light portable one.
Smaller power banks sometimes have bigger capacities. If you get one, make sure that judge its price and bit of performance before making the purchase. As opposed to this, low-cost high capacity power banks tend to get dysfunctional after a short period of time. Thus it might be a huge loss for you.

3. Charging should be easy peasy.

You can charge up your smartphone via your power bank and that is not at all a problem. Charging up a power bank might be a problem sometimes, as some of these don’t come with a USB charging port (and the separate charger has a different input which doesn't seem to be easily available).
So, when you buy a power bank, make sure that bought one which has a USB charging system. This makes the bank highly convenient and useful and less problematic since you will be able to get a USB charger way easily. And then power up your power bank with no problem.

4. Price

Price of power banks remains constant for some time. But they have high MRPs for higher capacities. After you have made the choice of a capacity, you would want to look for a specific model that has similar capacity and the least price.

But this is not always good, especially when you are buying something a bit costly and it will be used most of the time. Low-cost power banks are good enough for both the price and the capacity. But they tend to run out of performance easily. And there goes all your money into waste. So, when you get to buy a power bank, choose an accurately priced one. It should not be too low priced or two high priced but should b sufficient for the capacity. Some brands offer the high price for their power banks and offer stellar performance running for years. Plus, when you buy a power bank, do a simple comparison among the brands with similar capacity. Then try buying the one at a bit higher price. Or if you want to save money on the purchase, be double sure about it.

5. Performance.

Now comes the most important part. Performance of power banks is most necessary to be clear about.

Performance of a power bank depends on for how much longer it works, how much capacity it can provide/recharge back to the mobile batteries and how much is lost in between the charges.
If you want a power bank to last longer, then there is a simple answer. Buy one with better quality and higher price. This would at least makes sure that you have a power bank, that will at least last longer than the cheap ones since cheap ones come with low-grade cells with low efficiencies. And these get decreasing day by day.
The amount of capacity it can provide back to the smartphone batteries depends on its own capacity. A bigger power bank with more capacity and capability can charge a number of batteries. Else smaller ones after recharging phone batteries, need to recharge themselves to store the energy (and that has to be done quite often).
Performance of a power bank depends on how much mAh charge loses in between the recharges. A 20000mAh capacity power bank can only be used to recharge a 3500mAh battery 3 times fully, and then for the 4th time around 60-70%. The other remaining 30% gets lost during recharges as heat output (when you use it frequently). Thus a good power bank will not get heated up easily when continuously used up to its full capacity, thus not losing its charge.


Acid Eye 20000 mah Power Bank Review

The Acid Eye 20000 mAh power bank is one of the best power banks that you can actually buy now. It comes with a huge capacity of 20000mAh which makes it an incredibly big power bank than most of the traditional ones that are available online. And with such a big capacity, you can charge many devices at once with longer battery backups and get incredible performances. Most of the power banks with such a huge capacity don’t have intuitive features like the Acid eye 20000mAh power bank, which also makes it much more reliable for users.

So what’s in the Acid Eye 20000 mah Power Bank that makes it one of the best power sources available.

1. Incredible capacity

One of the key selling and buying points of this power bank is that it comes with an incredible capacity that you won't find anywhere else. The huge 20000mAh capacity in such a slim body makes it much more useful.
Inside the bank, there are many lithium-ion cells which are altogether connected with larger capacities. The power output is provided via the USB ports in it sideways, which can be used for charging up smartphones.
The huge capacity of the Acid eye power bank makes it much more useful in providing longer charging, efficient performance and an excellent traveler’s choice. With such a big 20000mAh capacity you can charge your smartphones 6-7 times and still be left with enough power for other uses.

2. Incredibly light and slim with aggressive looks.

The Acid Eye 20000 mah Power Bank has a very light body which makes it one of the best power banks for traveling. Most of the power banks with such huge capacities don’t come in such a light pack, as with more capacities, the weight of the power bank increases. Much of the 15000mAh, 20000mAh power banks are much heavier, which gets problematic even when you want to carry it just alone in your pocket or backpack. Also, most power banks are not at all slim. As with more capacity, the number of cells has to be included in it, which makes it less slim. Most of the users out there looking for a slim battery pack with better capacity than the normal range, which they are unable to find. But Happily, the Acid Eye power bank comes in a much slim design and very light weighted which makes it ideal for everyday use. Also, you can take it anywhere with you without worrying about increased weight and you can right away slip it into your pocket.
The Acid Eye Power bank also looks incredible, it’s the best-looking power bank you can find right now. The ergonomic hard matte finish makes it much smooth and comfortable when in hand. Also, the power output ports are on the side of the bank, which doesn’t the degrade the looks at all. As with many power banks, The Acid eye power bank comes in a much alike smartphone type looks, with a matte finish, stellar shiny metallic looks on the sides. That’s quite of a price to pay, which you don’t have to at all, as it comes way cheap that other power banks with not so beautiful looks.

3. Much more USB ports

The Acid eye 20000mAh power bank comes with 3 USB ports, thus making it more useful when it comes to multiple device charging and that doesn’t just include mobiles and smartphones. It has a traditional power output voltage which means, you can charge up a lot of devices that come with a USB device port, the only thing you need is a USB cable for charging. The Acid eye power bank is not just limited to charging, you can even run devices directly using USB ports from the power bank, and up to 3 devices simultaneously.
And when it comes to charging mobile phones as its main purpose, the acid eye power bank performs incredibly good. It can charge any smartphone and not just a single time, but many times as you want. Since it comes with a huge capacity of 20000mAh, you can charge smartphones with 3000mAh battery up to 6-7 times, upon a single charge on the battery pack. Also, you can charge the power bank easily with any compatible charger much easily.

4. Fast charging enabled.

The Acid eye power bank can be used for fast charging many smartphones as it comes with an increased power output up to 5V at 2A or 2.1A. Most smartphones have fast charging enabled in them, but using a normal 4.5 V charger is not that efficient as it takes up more time for charging. Not with the acid eye power bank as it can provide 5V 2A power output which is compatible with many almost many smartphones with fast charging, thus saving time. Also, it is available via all the USB output ports in the power bank itself, so now you can also fast charge three devices all at a time.

5. Digital meter

Most of the power banks come with a LED indicator of how much power is left in the battery packs, as its much important to know, as you might go out of power even in the power bank itself. But The Acid Eye 20000 mah Power Bank comes with a digital power meter that shows you how much power is left on the pack. Also, running a digital meter on the power bank consumes much much less energy as compared to LED indicators on other power banks, thus saving much power which would have gone wasted without any fruitful use. Thus, the acid eye power bank is much more efficient in use and in performance when it comes to handling battery power.

Buying power banks is not easy, and you can get easily tangled but now you won't. As the Acid Eye 20000mAh power bank has the latest technologies in it which no other banks come with. And this power bank is your ideal choice with better efficiency and double the power output compared to other ones.

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What's the Difference Between Earphones and Earbuds?

Earphones or Earbuds, they do the same task for us and that is to provide a seamless music experience. Wireless or non-wireless, it will still be the same music experience. Ok, enough of music talks, now let's get to the point. Earphones and Earbuds, what is the difference between them? Well, let's check out below.

Earphones and Earbuds! The actual difference.

Earphones are designed in such a way that they stay in your ear and work their task. They come with wires which are either connected with a 3.5mm jack or have a wireless connection with a power source.
Earbuds are like earphones with the same functionality, but with a bit of control over them which are embedded into the body itself. And they always come wireless, unlike earphones which come either wireless or with wires. And yes, earbuds come separated right out of the box. (headphones are those big earphones which have huge speakers on them that cover up your whole ear and their strand connecting the speakers and controls go over your head, like a band. Thus the name headphone. Now you know more.)

That ’s the actual difference. Simple and clean.

For example, Acid Eye X2t true wireless earbuds are earbuds (not just from the name) but the Acid Eye KJ-760 is an earphone.

Much clear now.

Now let us get a little deep into them.


Earphones as said before, these go into your ears. They either come with wires. Now it's going on with a bit of confusion. Let's make it clear enough. Earphones always come with wires, whether they are wireless or Bluetooth wireless or just simply with a 3.5mm jack. They come connected with the wires which provide the power supply from a mini source or quite a big source. Else the earphone draws out its power from the source device which might be a smartphone or a mobile phone, or a streaming device. Earphones also come in two types, one with a mini in-ear cushion and other just with the body.

Earphones that come with the body are slightly more comfortable as they stay in the ear without going to much deep into. These headphones don’t provide that much noiseless experience as you can hear what is going on in the background. And interference to your music is always present though it might be much much less.

The ones with the cushions are more comfortable but only a majority of users. Else much of the users don’t like their earphones to go too much in the ear which sometimes might hurt the inner ear. The cushions are either made of rubber or silicon or high-grade sponge, keeping in mind the comforts that can be achieved.

Although with or without cushions, earphones are nowadays designed in such a way that they fit right into your ear with no hassle at all. Some come with adaptable body armour which adapts to your ear shape and prevents them from falling out (if you know how exactly how to wear one). Thus you can even use them for vigorous tasks too.


Now let us learn about earbuds. Earbuds as the name sounds mean much like an ear buddy (that might be the exact definition also). Now when it comes to us, we don’t leave our buddies along too much. And the same goes for the earbuds too. They don’t leave the ears much like the earphones which come with a wire and sometimes that causes a bit of a problem.

Earbuds come separated. And truly wireless. That’s one advantage well wanted by premium users. Another advantage that earbuds have is that they come with their own power source and some with their own Bluetooth connections. Some also have their own streaming source device which acts as the source, so that you don’t have to constantly carry your phone everywhere.

The secret to earbuds functioning is that they come with their own micro batteries and a separate Bluetooth connector too(some has more advanced features too) along with a controller. The mini batteries are able to provide power to the buds for a limited amount of time(6-10 hours) as they come with even smaller 60-90mAh packs that are even smaller than wristband batteries.

And the source, most earbuds come with a separate source if you want just music and nothing else. The source has a sufficiently bigger battery to power itself up for hours and provides a seamless connection with the buds.

Most of the earbuds that are available in the market come with in-ear cushions just like the earphones. As with earbuds, cushions are common in earbuds as they tend to resist useless noises out of your ears so that you can enjoy your music without any problem.

Nowadays earbuds come with an adaptable in-ear grip which makes them hold on to the ears far better since like earphones they don’t come with wires which can be used for better grips. Also, the earbuds in your ear can now hold to a better grip, you can use them to a wide range of applications including vigorous workouts and fitness regimens. Earbuds don’t cause that much problem as they just sit into your ears easily.


Earphones and earbuds have their usual advantages and disadvantages which provide the better choice on which one a user should get. Mostly, they have some huge differences. Likewise, earphones that come with 3.5mm jack can be used longer as compared to earbuds. As these draw their power from their source. Unlike earbuds have their own source and will run out of power once.

Earbuds can be used much better than earphones. They don’t come with wires, which makes them better when it comes to using them in the workspace and travelling. No hassle of wires at all. Wires do make out a mess as keeping them properly is not always easy, as it is more prone to wear and tear. Also, earbuds are much more convenient too.

Thus now, you know the actual difference between earphones and earbuds. You can buy earphones online from website.

Best Wireless Sports And Fitness Earphones 2018

Entertaining yourself a bit when you work out relaxes your mind. And mostly it increases your productivity which is much more needed. And when you agree with this, you plug in your earphones and head out in the open. But quite, unfortunately, you need one right away, but you are confused which earphone would do best for you. And that’s is why we got you backed up here. If you are looking for a perfect wireless earphone fit for workouts and fitness, look no further. In this article, we have chosen the best wireless earphones for sports and fitness that you can opt to buy.

1. X2T True Wireless Earphones/Earbuds

The X2T wireless earbuds are the best earbuds that you can actually buy for a very very low price. These comes with a source player which can also set your mobile phone too with Bluetooth connection. The earbuds are both separately designed to provide you an intense wireless experience with no wire at all. The source player is a device with a battery capacity of 1500mAh capable of providing playback around 12 hours for a single bud and around 6 hours for both of the buds, which is much better. The buds have their own mini-sized 85mAh batteries, which can be recharged too. These are perfectly designed to fit in your earbuds properly without falling out. This makes them perfect for any sort of vigorous workout or sports regimen, fully satisfying the user for the purpose with the high-grade sound output.

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2. Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The monster sports earphones don’t come with a high tech enhancement, but they come with hardcore basics. Strong build for less wear and tear, which makes it ideal for sport and other related uses. Also, it comes with a huge battery life of 10 hours, means you don’t have to charge it repeatedly after longer use. Other features include the on-ear control with a high-speed Bluetooth connection with clearer sound quality.

3. 66 Audio BTS Pro Wireless Headphones

The 66 Audio BTS pro earphones are actually the best earphones that you can think of buying if you are sports or a fitness trainer as it comes with a huge battery life of whopping 40 hours. It also supports a high wide 30m range from the source with the high-speed Bluetooth connection. Also, it comes with the stellar build quality and has an in-ear adaptable design to fit properly and accurately in any ear, thus relieving you of the hassle, that your earphones will fall off during your workout or sports regimen.

4. Under Armour JBL Sports Wireless Headphones

This earphone has multiple high tech features which might even lead to lay off your tracker or your heart rate monitor. Since the Under armour JBL earphone comes with a heart rate monitor with the help of which you can track your heart rate. Also, it comes with agronomic controls for a chest strap and you can receive updates via your right earbud, which acts as the speaker. It supports higher grade sound output along with most of the bass controls, so you can adjust yourself everything. It even comes with an advanced JBL twist lock system that lets you customize the way, you want the earphone to stay on your ears.

5. Jabra Elite Sports True Wireless Earbuds

The Jabra Elite sport True wireless is one of the best earphones you can buy which comes with no wire at all. Just earbuds and a source. It has an incredible battery life of 13 hours after a single charge which can provide you seamless music experience for your longer sports or workout regimens with longer playbacks. Also, it comes with a hear through tech that limits noise almost completely.

6. Bose SoundSport Free

Bose sound sport free earphones are true wireless earbuds. They do stick out of your ears a little bit but these have highly comfortable grips. Yes, you will look a little weird, but they sound so good that you might not even care. They don't make your ears hurt and let in just enough ambient noise to warn you when a cyclist or angry dog is approaching. Their sleek clamshell case holds enough power for two full recharges when you click them back into place.

7. Kuwait Sport Headphones

These headphones are the best you can actually buy with lots of high tech features that other headphones don’t even come near. With 8GB of storage, they’re a music player, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, real-time running coach and a pair of wireless headphones all in one. Kuwait sells fitness plans and its headphones will store and deliver voice notifications based on your progress towards goals much efficiently. The earbuds also come with 7 hours of incredible battery life so that you continue your workout journey without any hassle.

8. Jaybird Freedom 2

The Jaybird Freedom 2 can be used by any sports or fitness expert as these now come with even greater battery life for longer usages. The updated version of the Jaybird Freedoms come with a new cord management system and rubber wings to hold them securely in your ears. But they keep the same luscious sound while all while blocking external noise. When you're not using them, just casually drape them around your neck. Plus, they fit right into your ear perfectly.

9.Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

For runners with NFC-enabled smartphones and music players, the SoundSport buds can be paired in the blink of an eye. The Bose Connect app also allows music sharing with more than one pair of earbuds, ideal if you’re out running with a buddy together. Plus it comes with a heart rate sensor for tracking and has an incredible battery life of 6 hours at a stretch which is really amazing. It also supports on-ear controls, along with sturdy design to right fit into your ears.

10. Sennheiser CX Sport

Sennheiser's CX Sport showcases the brand's top-notch sound quality in a durable, splashproof package. Once you get the proper earbud/ear fin combo for your ears, they're very secure, comfortable, and even isolate sound nicely. Also, it has a battery life of 6 hours, along with sheer connection, so you stay tuned with your music all along your workout regimen.


X2t True Wireless connection problem solution

True Wireless are an amazing piece of tech since wireless connections offer more functionalities than just tangling wires. More of a mess with wires, which most users find it irritating. Using wireless Bluetooth headset like the Acid Eye X2t true wireless is way much better in this context. But even sometimes, True Wireless even have a lot of problems, regarding Bluetooth connections, signal detection, Bluetooth range errors and a lot more. Well, if you are facing such kind of problem, you are in the right place, since we have backed you up here.

Why do Bluetooth connections fail?

Bluetooth connections are the bit less techy than wifi connections (that’s pretty basic) as customised wifi connections regarding hotspot only require once to be configured. Then they work without issues. As with Bluetooth, they need to pair perfectly. After confirmed ID match with full visibility, a Bluetooth connection gets on with another for file sharing or related tasks. So why they fail?

Bluetooth connections fail due to the following reasons ;

1. Lack of visibility between connections 2. Even if paired, the two devices won't work perfectly due to unmatched pairing.
3. The main reason for Bluetooth connection failing is the generation of the connection.
4. Although Bluetooth is backwards compatible, smart Bluetooth devices won't connect to lower Bluetooth ones.
5. The difference in Bluetooth generation( connections between Bluetooth 3 and 4, 4 and 4.1, 4 and 5) have to be newly paired else file transfer error is shown.

Now you know the main reason why it occurs. The main problem when it comes to wireless Bluetooth connections is the generation itself. Latest True Wireless like the Acid Eye x2t true wireless have the latest employed 4.0 connection type which sometimes causes a problem with the lower ones. As said before, Bluetooth is backwards compatible, even lower devices will also connect and work fine with higher generation devices. As with smart Bluetooth smartphones and cameras (mostly), connection problems are common. Smart Bluetooth are specifically designed to work continuously with devices remaining constantly connected without using too much power. Since a constant connection uses up much power. Lower Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth 3.0 or lower, doesn’t directly connect with smart Bluetooth devices at all. The latest 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 ones do work, but with a bit of power usage.

True Wireless like the Acid Eye x2t should work fine with such devices (even though smart Bluetooth is only employed on cameras mostly, and they come with support for 4.0 or better devices). So working with the x2t true wireless shouldn't be a problem at all. Another reason is that Bluetooth pairings are done in the wrong way. When you are using a Bluetooth connection, you have to know your device should be paired with the other in order to work correctly. Else, the error is prone. Also, after being paired properly, the devices seem not to work at all. This is another hassle, which always gets in the way of entertainment.

Solutions to Bluetooth connection problems.
Check out the solutions to the common Bluetooth connection problems that occur during using a wireless earphone.

1. Make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth

Turning on the Bluetooth is something which you see yourself first. As much of the connections now-a-says work with wifi, Bluetooth is rarely used. And latest Android devices come with severe battery optimizations techniques which limit Bluetooth for battery saving. So, check first your Bluetooth connection.

2. Visibility should be on.

You cant use Bluetooth at all unless the two devices that you are trying to connect hasn’t yet discovered themselves. This is a common foolish thing which most users make. See if you did the same thing. Bluetooth devices have to be discoverable by themselves, then only the required ID can be exchanged and connected. Then you will be able to share files or stream using the connection.

3. Restart

A simple reboot or restart may make the device work again. That might not be possible in case of earphones, but for the source like smartphones, mobiles, tablets, and systems. Try most of the steps above to retry for a successful connection pairing. Sometimes, it just works.

4. Repair devices

If you think that your devices are paired but still file transfer is showing error over the connection, then you have repaired. Repairing solves most of the Bluetooth problems, as repairing a device again leads to a formation of a new connection and it will work perfectly this time.
Repairing requires you to delete the specific device from the Bluetooth list and then tap “search for devices”. This can be done on any of the two devices whichever seems fruitful.

5. Stop using the Wifi

One culprit of slower Bluetooth connections or direct interference is the use of Wifi during the process. Most smartphone or device chipsets don’t come with two-way connection porting (or supporting) which might let you do that, use both at once. So, to play safe and avoid connection problems again, Put off the Wifi, internet sharing and all other wireless connections that you might be using except the Bluetooth.

6. Stop data sharing

Data sharing using most of the sharing apps is likely to cause a simple and much bigger problem when you are about to use the Bluetooth. As explained above, due to the same reason, sharing files between two devices using wifi can be a bigger culprit to the ongoing Bluetooth pairing. So, you might have to stop the sharing and then try for pairing for the devices to regain or build a successful connection.

7. See if the devices are close enough

Wifi has very wide range connection stability and can be used over all devices from a far point. You cant do the same with Bluetooth. Apart from that, you can use a few devices with Bluetooth at a time only. And when you are facing such a problem, make sure that your devices are close enough to be connected. This might be a simple solution to your Bluetooth problems and it can be fixed easily.

So, now you can fix any Bluetooth connection problem regarding the Acid Eye 2t connections without any further hassle.

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