3 Things to Know Before Buying Earphones

Nowadays everybody uses earphones, as more of a trend, it provides efficiency to your comfort. As when it comes to listening to high-quality music without disturbing other, earphones come to your rescue. As they simply sit inside your ears and do their magic. An incredible music experience without too much noise like the Acid Eye KJ-760 Earphone provides with such comfort. But what you had to buy an earphone real quick and you don’t know what are options to consider which might alter its quality. If you are in such kind of a problem, we are here to help.

If you are really confused about judging the quality of your choice earphones but know how to do it, we have this article for you.

So., what you need to know before buying an earphone?

3 Things to Know Before Buying Earphones

1. Wireless or Wired?

Now, this is a generation of technology where everything is not connected via wires. Wireless is the new trend and it goes with almost everything including cooking systems (it had to happen one day, why not now). And when I come to earphones, both wired and wireless are important. But How?

Let's analyse. Wireless earphones are more of the trend now, as everything is now wireless. So, earphones had to be. Think of the situation when you are using your wireless earphones, you don’t have to worry wires being tangled (or torn as much of the time it happens due to excessive task involvement). Secondly, wireless earphones will be much more portable than the wired ones and these increases their functionality.

Likewise, when you are working out, or going for a jog (which is a vigorous activity too) or even going for preparing a recipe for some guests, wireless do provide compatibility and convenient usage. As of much of the wireless earphones come with the latest Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth is backwards compatible, you can connect it to Bluetooth source device and listen to music anywhere. Some of the earphones come with their own source streamer which is needed to be connected and then you are good to go. (it is your decision whether to get earphones or earbuds or earpods, all wireless)

Now when it comes to wired earphones, you have several advantages too, as they provide better performance than wireless, although now this would be a bit invalid. Since wireless earphones do come with better hardware, but for a higher price. Again wired earphones will cost you 2 times the price of a good wireless. That’s the point. Now, wired earphones have all the way better performance (At least on power and sound readout) as they get directly wired to the source. Now that can be your smartphone, a mobile phone or a streaming device. You use the 3.5mm jack for the connection. Also, this solves the problem of power supply. Since as long as the source streamer is powered up (they do come with higher battery packs for better backup, at least times than earphones), you can listen to seamless high-quality music without any problem at all. At a stretch. That matters way more. Wireless ones come with their own mini-sized batteries which are needed to be recharged back and no matter how much longer they run, it is always less than the wired ones. That’s another efficiency point. And another point, wireless is costlier.

So, now you are clear whether to go for wireless or wired. If you think you are fine in one place(and want the 3.5mm jack for universal connection) then wired ones are better for you. Else for travelling, fitness, wireless is way better.

2. Sound controls and quality

Now that you are going to buy a new earphone, another more important thing to consider is that you might wanna be clear of the controls of it and sound output of your choice earphone. This matters since, what is the use of buying an earphone if it does not provide enough better sound. Makes sure, the earphone fits well into your ear. This might be problematic for some users, with their earphone falling out of their ears. Test the buds and see if they fit properly with enough sound coming out of the pieces. Also with controls. Now for the bass and treble, almost all earphones come with these. Also, smartphones have inbuilt bass and treble modifications along with fully functional equalizer, surround sound system (some also come with Dolby-Atmos system). So, these controls might not make that much of a difference or a problem. Else, with onboard button controls are much necessary which can be ignored at all. Most earphones come with the dual functional handsfree button, which can be used to take up calls. Also, a long press on it launches the voice recognition. Most earphones with bigger earpieces come with direct volume controls and an answer button which makes a lot of difference. So when you are buying an earphone make sure, these controls are there.

3. Price.

Prices matters, as it determines the quality of your earphones. Higher priced will be better to have better specifications, while the lower priced ones will just come with better basic hardware and nothing else. Now, which one should you get? A higher price one or a lower budget friendly one?. Quite confusing, if you are out of bucks, then the low budget earphone with good hardware and sound quality will make more sense. Since wasting a lot of money on earphones is not at all efficient. Else, if you have a million to spend then go for the pricey one will be both better and great. Do check out all the specifications, sound quality (I recommend directly testing it by music playback, which will best), sound, bass, treble qualities, sound output volumes, range, charging capacity and minimum battery backup time (if you are buying buds or pods) and connectivity. These all should be enough for judging the earphone for its quality. So, now you know which things to consider before buying an earphone.

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