5 Best Earphones Reviews of 2018 in India

Earphones are now getting better and better at almost every aspect they can be. With support for faster Bluetooth connections, wireless earpieces, smaller and more efficient battery sources in them and with intuitive controls that make working with them much easier. Now you don’t need a big headset to control your music, you can do that via your mini earphone controls embedded in them. As with the Acid Eye Acid Eye – QY7 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone works more efficiently with better controls. Nowadays you can get top quality earphones easily, but which one?

5 Best Earphones Reviews of 2018 in India

1. Acid Eye – QY7 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone

The Acid Eye – QY7 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone is one of the best earphones you can buy for a high value for money. If you are looking for heavy sports usage and vigorous activities then this is the ideal earphone for you. Its made with the water-resistant material, better ergonomic innovative, a sweat-proof design which ensures that this earphone is much comfortable and secure for sports usage, running, jogging, walking, exercising even high-stress workouts. It comes with a stylish look and a high-grade built-in Bluetooth connector with HiFi Stereo performance which ensures that you can enjoy high-quality stereo bass sound output in your favourite music tracks and audio recordings. It comes with a mini Portable Wireless earphone that has the built-in microphone and also a high-quality CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation driver system produces clear loud sound without extra noises that degrade the sound quality. Also, the Acid Eye – QY7 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone is much more convenient and easy to use which makes up for better user satisfaction. It also supports the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology (which is supported by latest smartphones too and devices) that supports hands-free with ear hook, Near Field Communications(NFC)& Dual link system for smartphone connectivity. Thus you can connect it to a wide range of devices. The Acid Eye earphone also comes with better built-in batteries that can provide stellar battery backup to the earphones with up to 10 hours of talk time at a stretch, 16 hours of music playback time which is way incredible, and a whopping of 160 hours standby time. This is the best earphone you can buy if you need intense battery performance.

2. Crazy Head LC8600S Superior Quality Bluetooth Wireless Earphone.

This is one of the best earphones you can actually buy in 2018 for a very affordable price regarding the specifications and features it comes with. It supports Wireless High Definition music streaming, stereo and bass music effect to enable better audio output and you can experience abetter music. It also comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology to guarantee stable and fast connection with wide compatibility and range. Coming with Remote control music playback from a distance, the earphone is way convenient and much much simple to use in any condition. The LC8600S also comes with an Omnidirectional microphone quality design which has high sensitivity and better CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction technology to enable clear conversations during calls and even during music playback.

It comes with a huge slim sized built-in 500mAh Lithium-ion battery that can power up the earphones up to a whopping 8 hours at a stretch per charge without even running out of power. It takes around 2.5 hours for it to get fully charged (it has LED control lights for indication) and then you are good to go.


The FLARES earphones may look more of a high tech sort, but these are mostly the looks which make it more intuitive and one of the most intimate earphones that you can buy. Don’t just go on to looks, the Flares Pro is one of the best pairs of earphones you can ever think of buying. These earphones come in a fantastically designed box made of a material reminiscent of acoustic tiles that might go up the walls, accompanied by a veritable plethora of comfortable tips, suitable for just about every type of ear and way of listening. That is just as well, as the Flares Pro is fairly unforgiving of being poor fitted since the earphones come suited for a one-sided music experience which is something other earphones never even think of. Experiment till you find the right pair, and then you will get to hear heaven out of the earpods. The earphone set doesn't come wireless, that may be something which users would have wanted, but the wires are for a very good reason. You can use it on any type of device which comes with a 3.5mm jack input. Now you don’t have to mess up with Bluetooth pairing hassles, just plug in and play and enjoy heavenly music.


The B200 earphones might be one of the best-designed earphones you have seen, as from the view, it will fit right into your ear(and it will for most ears), that’s the thing with it. This earphone comes with great compatible bass settings and you will find it very useful, which other earphones don’t care that much. Also, overall high-quality sound output with zero noise is something you will find in it. The plastic body also works in the B200's favour in terms of being very lightweight and comfortable to wear, not being over the top heavy. You might have to just loop the cables over your ears, then insert firmly. With the Comply tips adding high performance, these are highly adaptable earphones.


The SOUNDMAGIC E10C comes with the all Metallic body for those who want the extreme premium feel whilst to great high-quality music sound. Also, it comes with a better controllable remote system which works great. The earphone is highly Light, comfortable and unobtrusive in use. They're maybe a touch heavy on the bass, but for anything other than plaintive, acoustic moments is fine for most of the users. Also for the price, it comes with the great quality build which should land an impression on you easily. Plus, not just on looks, the earphones also come with all the controls you will need for high functionality including a separate control panel remote with a working mic with which you can answer calls too, direct buttons and more.

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