5 Key Things To Know When Buying A Power Bank

Smartphones’ battery doesn’t get to go long as after some time the battery dies. And you are out of charge. So if you are in this kind of a problem, you think of buying another phone that has a bigger battery capacity. Or it should at least provide longer battery backups. Else, your only solution is a power bank that comes with a huge capacity and you can charge your phone with it.
But how good should be a power bank? And what should you know when buying one? This article will exactly guide you through that.

5 Key Things To Know When Buying A Power Bank

1. Make sure the capacity is good.
When buying power banks, the topmost thing that you should be thinking about is the capacity of it. The capacity of the power bank defines in terms of mAh. More of it, the better.
Now power banks come in around 5000mAh to 20000mAh Power Bank , even more. These amount of capacities should be fine for around 2-3 times recharge for your smartphone battery.

When buying a power bank, make sure your bank’s capacity should be times more than the capacity of your mobile’s battery pack. And you should also know how much times, you will be able to charge up your phone. Like a 5000mAh can be used to charge up a 2500mAh battery phone twice, or a 3000mAh roughly one and a half times. Else you should go for bigger capacities.
Most power banks are also used for charging laptops and tablets, which might be not as efficient as charging smartphones since these do eat up a lot of power. So, if your purpose is gonna charge devices which has either laptops (via USB C port charging) or tablets, then get a big one. Bigger as 15000mAh, which will do good.

2. Portability should be a problem.

Power banks are used mostly for portability since carrying the charger everywhere sometimes is inconvenient. And you won't be able to find a charging port that easily in a remote area. In these cases, power banks will help you a lot.
Although capacity determines the size of it, bigger capacity means a big one. Although bigger power banks become a hassle to carry as they are much heavy, as small ones fit right into your pocket. As to get out of this problem, when you buy a power bank, make sure what you actually want it to be, bigger capacity or a light portable one.
Smaller power banks sometimes have bigger capacities. If you get one, make sure that judge its price and bit of performance before making the purchase. As opposed to this, low-cost high capacity power banks tend to get dysfunctional after a short period of time. Thus it might be a huge loss for you.

3. Charging should be easy peasy.

You can charge up your smartphone via your power bank and that is not at all a problem. Charging up a power bank might be a problem sometimes, as some of these don’t come with a USB charging port (and the separate charger has a different input which doesn't seem to be easily available).
So, when you buy a power bank, make sure that bought one which has a USB charging system. This makes the bank highly convenient and useful and less problematic since you will be able to get a USB charger way easily. And then power up your power bank with no problem.

4. Price

Price of power banks remains constant for some time. But they have high MRPs for higher capacities. After you have made the choice of a capacity, you would want to look for a specific model that has similar capacity and the least price.

But this is not always good, especially when you are buying something a bit costly and it will be used most of the time. Low-cost power banks are good enough for both the price and the capacity. But they tend to run out of performance easily. And there goes all your money into waste. So, when you get to buy a power bank, choose an accurately priced one. It should not be too low priced or two high priced but should b sufficient for the capacity. Some brands offer the high price for their power banks and offer stellar performance running for years. Plus, when you buy a power bank, do a simple comparison among the brands with similar capacity. Then try buying the one at a bit higher price. Or if you want to save money on the purchase, be double sure about it.

5. Performance.

Now comes the most important part. Performance of power banks is most necessary to be clear about.

Performance of a power bank depends on for how much longer it works, how much capacity it can provide/recharge back to the mobile batteries and how much is lost in between the charges.
If you want a power bank to last longer, then there is a simple answer. Buy one with better quality and higher price. This would at least makes sure that you have a power bank, that will at least last longer than the cheap ones since cheap ones come with low-grade cells with low efficiencies. And these get decreasing day by day.
The amount of capacity it can provide back to the smartphone batteries depends on its own capacity. A bigger power bank with more capacity and capability can charge a number of batteries. Else smaller ones after recharging phone batteries, need to recharge themselves to store the energy (and that has to be done quite often).
Performance of a power bank depends on how much mAh charge loses in between the recharges. A 20000mAh capacity power bank can only be used to recharge a 3500mAh battery 3 times fully, and then for the 4th time around 60-70%. The other remaining 30% gets lost during recharges as heat output (when you use it frequently). Thus a good power bank will not get heated up easily when continuously used up to its full capacity, thus not losing its charge.

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