Best earphones to buy in India under Rs 2000 in August 2018

Smartphones users desperately require earphones for listening to music, for watching movies and mostly for an all surround sound gaming experience. Speakers can do much, earphones can do better without much of the nose. It might seem a bit more applicable for most users out there. Although you might be confused which earphone to buy, we have got you covered. And to help you out, we came up with an article with the best earphones that you can buy in India under Rs. 2000 in this August (2018)

Here is a list of the best earphones to by India under Rs. 2000

1. Acid Eye – QY7 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone

The Acid Eye earphone is one of the best earphones you can buy below 2000. It is designed for intensive looks and stellar performance which keeps on going longer and longer. It can be used for almost any type of use whether it is for sports or classical music experience. One of the best features of the Acid Eye earphone is that it supports a wireless Bluetooth connection which can be used directly. Directly, without the 3.5mm jack to be plugged in. Other things include a sports grade build quality for better resistant to damage, built-in noise cancellation facility and even comes with NFC.

2. QCY QY8 – Black

The QCY QY8 Black is also another stellar earphone with high-grade features in a small price. It comes with incredible build quality for all in one usable earphone that can be used as an alternative to most of the headphones out there. Also, it supports the latest Bluetooth 4.1 feature which is not available in most of the earphones out there. Bluetooth facility lets the earphone to be used even without connecting the 3.5mm jack to a phone. You also get music controls (to change your music) and comes with fully high-grade hardware to be used for almost any use.

3. Soundmagic E10s

Soundmagic E10s is another great earphone below 2000 which you can think of buying. It comes with a perfect in-ear tip design that fits perfectly into your ear and provides a better sound experience without letting any noise to enter. Plus it comes with deep bass controls which will impress users. Plus it comes in a great metallic body for giving you a premium feel.

4. MI In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

As with smartphones, Mi earphones are very much good in quality and value for money providing incredible performance in a small pack. The MI In-ear headphones Pro Hd comes with a hybrid dynamic and balanced amateur drivers for incredible sound quality along with better bass mix and mids. Balanced amateurs drivers also provide support for high frequencies too. Also, MI claims to provide even better sound output than the previous generation earphones.

5. Sennheiser CX275 S

Sennheiser CX275 S comes with even better sound quality, along with comfortable in-ear design for a better overall fit. It fits perfectly in your ear along with which you can hear to music seamlessly without the ear pods falling out. Also, this earphone is highly convenient for storage and problem free portability, with the two-year warranty. It also supports noise cancellation by coming in a better design and has a remote for efficient control.

6. JVC HAFX103R Xtreme Xplosives Series Headphones

The JVC Xtreme series headphones come with intense and highly durable build quality. This makes it prominently usable in all types of uses. The JVC headphones also come with newer sound drivers which are apt for providing better sound output and utilizing your earphones to the full potential, also supporting higher audio bitrates and quality. Also, there is an audio mic, which can provide a handsfree feature for calls and video chats. The JVC Xtreme headphones also come in a high tech body that looks absolutely amazing.

7. Panasonic RP-HXD3E-K On-Ear Headphone

The Panasonic RP HXD3E-K earphones come with a high range audio output support up to 25000Hz which is way incredible. It also comes with an over the ear body type that looks absolutely classy and meets the user requirements better, without taking up much battery power from the source. Another intensive feature is that the headphone has a neodymium magnet specified speakers set, which will provide you continuous entertainment over a long time as certain traditional magnets in ordinary speakers get dysfunctional after some time.

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8. Skullcandy Method In-Ear headphones

Skullcandy method in-ear headphones as always come with a better in-ear positioning technology that fits into any type of ear. The earbuds remain will thus remain in your ear and provide you intense music experience along with incredible sound quality. The Skullcandy method earphones, as usual, come with the newer sound drivers and intense newer bass controls, natural vocals, high precision outputs along with supreme sound technology for letting you control the experience in your own way. Stellar build quality, with solid sharp colours, and a preferable mic for the handsfree feature, all are in this earphone.

9. Sony MDR-XB30EX

Sony headphones have always been different with exceptional performance and classy looks with high-grade features and the Sony MDR earphone is no different either. It comes with a stellar build (with the cool sony logo) and has a huge frequency range of 24kh. It comes with comfortable in-ear hybrid fit technology that fits much comfortably in all types of ears. Also, with a perfect fit, the earphones provide a better in sound output with high grade and noise treatment with which you can get a better music experience. Also, it comes with an extra bass, high fidelity sound, and efficient neodymium magnets for preferred longer usage than most of the earphones out there.

10. Brainwavz Delta earphones

Brainwavz Delta earphones are one of the best and high values for money earphones that you can buy at an acceptable price(even higher ones). It comes with a 3 button remote with a built-in mic designed to work on most remote devices (even with iPhone devices too). The delta headphones come with premium foam tips and fine Aluminium metallic designed ear-pods that fit perfectly into your ears. And the metallic feel is awesome. For sound controls, it comes with high-grade sound output with intense clarity, better bass and vocals.

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