How To Clean Headphones: The Only Guide You Ever Need

Headphones are used often. Whether you go for a workout(most of the time), or travel, or use it for most of the time. And using them most of the time makes them quite unclean, dirty to be exact. So when a thought of cleaning your headphones come to your mind, what do you do? Just soak them in water and keep them for getting dried up? That’s quite the method of washing clothes, not headphones. So what you need to actually to clean your Acid eye LC8600S headphone which you loved so much, but they are now dirty?

Here is the complete guide on how to clean your headphones.

First, you need to know that headphones though don’t come with circuits, they too can get damaged when washed directly with water (since it’s a conducting fluid). So, you need a bit of material that has the better advantage during cleaning of the headphones like ; 1. Brush 2. Cotton balls 3. cotton buds 4. water (not for washing) 5. a non conducting fluid(like kerosene or 100% isopropyl alcohol, don’t use traditional alcohol, as these are highly conducting) 6. clean soft cloth 7. Hair drier

These are the materials which you might need (and you will need them actually).

Now, headphones are of different types. The one with the small earpieces (known as earphones actually) and the one with those huge earpieces (know as headphones due to the fact that the holding strip band goes over your head, thus the name). Cleaning them might be a mess but we got you backed up completely.

First, you have to understand which parts to clean.

Parts to be cleaned
Headphones and earphones have these parts like the earpieces, wires, tips (or cushions) and the control board that need the cleaning.

Cleaning the earpieces is a big mess as you might get it completely damaged since these are to be softly handled. Now when it comes to cleaning the earpieces, best is to use the cotton buds since these easily get into the mini earpieces. You can easily clean them out. Headphones which have those big earpieces that actually go over the top of the ear. You can directly use the cotton balls for cleaning the pieces. The side turnings can be cleaned with the buds since they can reach better. You can use a hair drier to flush out all of the dirt from the inside of the plastic cases or panels, in which dirt get actually accumulated. This is a quick trick. After the dirt has been driven out, you can use the cotton buds to clean the small places (after if you have clearly opened the earpiece case without damaging it). Be careful enough to see that you have not displaced any minor component which might alter the functioning of the earpiece. Then carefully close the case and do a final cleaning. In case the case gets too much dirty, use drops of kerosene, rub on it and then clean with the buds or cotton balls.
Don’t forget to clean the tip of the outer sides, as they get completely dirty from the dust and the sweat from your outer ears (yikes!). Use kerosene and the cotton balls to do the cleaning process, make sure you get it clean properly. You can do the same to clean the outer side of the case of the mini earphones, make sure to apply less pressure when cleaning. Don’t use too much of the kerosene, since the smell is hard to lose.

Cleaning the tips is not that much recommended since if you have bought a better quality headphone then it will surely come with 3-4 pairs of extra tips (this is highly common).
Else if you have just one pair(and wearing the headphones without this is much painful for the ears and the sound quality gets worse), you have to know how to clean it.
Cleaning the tips is easy. Just a cotton ball and with minimum pressure, rub the tips. Use a bit of kerosene to clean out the sticky dirt(which is the result of your ear wax sticking and all the accumulated dirt in it). Or best, you can use the cotton buds. These can be actually inserted into the tip and the dirt can be flushed out. Tips collect a lot of dirt from the ears since they stick completely to the inner ear and are more prone to the dirt. (This is the reason why some headphones don’t even come with the tips at all, just to keep the cleaning process simple and sanitary well enough).

Cleaning the wires is much much easy. Although much of the dirt doesn’t get collected on the wires at all, it's better to perform a full cleanup.
You can clean the wires even by water but remember to keep it away from the earpieces and the control board. Since these can get damaged easily. To be safe, use kerosene instead. It also makes the cleaning process easier and much safe. You can use the cotton balls or a soft cloth for cleaning and drying up the wires, as these don’t contain any delicate parts. But don’t apply too much pressure so they get strained out and undergo wear and tear. Use the same process for cleaning the headband of the headphones. Use kerosene or a slight water soaked cotton ball and rinse/rub to get the dirt off.

Control board.
Cleaning the control board with the call button is not at all simple. You have to be careful enough to do the task. Use the cotton buds only for cleaning the sides and the buttons. Use a bit of kerosene for getting the dirt out from the tough parts. Don’t try opening it too, as it is not needed at all.

Cleaning a headphone is not that hard, you just have to be careful when doing it. So now you know how to clean a headphone.

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