How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are much more popular now for their better functionality and sleekness. Wired headsets have several advantages over wireless ones, as to a stable source power supply and seamless music which you can listen continuously as much as you like. Well for wireless headsets, the advantages are the other way round as they don’t have a stable power supply source, no continuous music experience.
But these offer better portability, better functionality and you can listen to music anywhere you want without taking the source or your phone everywhere. When it comes to listening to music via a Bluetooth headset, how can you actually do it?

So, How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset?

Now listening to music on your Bluetooth headset might seem a hard task, but no worries. We have backed you up. Below is a simple guide on how to do it properly.

First, check your Bluetooth headset.

You have to check your Bluetooth headset at first, which is the first task. Sometimes, a faulty headset might be a big unnoticed problem. Some users use a faulty headset and then blame on the steps not being right as they are not able to use it at all.
There are several ways to check on your headset whether it works or not. Take a mobile phone with Bluetooth and turn it on. Then turn the Bluetooth of the headset on. Some headsets have different procedures for activating the connection, which might include pressing a sequence of buttons, or a single dedicated Bluetooth button (try looking into the manual). One thing to consider here is that you will have to keep the visibility on, on the other device, else the headset will not get discovered. This is a common error which occurs, but much of the users don’t seem to get it at all. Also, Bluetooth enabled devices to have to near enough for a successful discovery and a pair. Do keep that in mind too. After you have done it, in the search results, the Bluetooth device name will show up on the mobile phone. And if it does, that means you have done it properly.

Secondly, Do the pairing.

Now that you have successfully turned on the connection of the Bluetooth headset neckband, and it is discovered too on the mobile phone, its time for the pairing. Pairing is much more necessary as both the devices have to be connected in order for the data sharing to continue, which needs a sender and a receiver (in simplest terms).
Pairing with a Bluetooth headset is a bit different from the pairing of mobile phones or devices with binary inputs. As with Bluetooth headsets, there is no input for letters or numbers or even no buttons for that to enter the pairing code for a successful pair. Although you might not be needing this at all since Bluetooth headsets come with a specific pair code which is only needed to be matched on the other device (smartphone or mobile).
You might have to verify from which device the pairing code is coming, else a wrong device pair can happen too. Make sure the pairing code came from the Bluetooth headset’s name, which is the correct one (in case you want to listen to songs). After the pairing is done successfully, now you are on with your Bluetooth headset.

Thirdly, Do a final check.
Once your headset is connected, try playing a music track on your phone, and make sure you do hear it on your headset speakers. If you do, you have the process rightfully. And if you don’t then try repeating the process over again, with a complete restart of both the Bluetooth devices.

Troubleshooting common connection problems.

If you have a problem connecting the headset to the device, then look for the solutions below.

1. Keep both the devices much much near enough, as Bluetooth has a short range less than that of Wifi.
2. Put visibility mode on your phone or mobile on, so that the headset gets discovered properly.
3. Make sure your Bluetooth headset works properly and you know the exact procedure on how to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your Bluetooth headset.
4. If the devices are unable to detect themselves, then turn off and on the Bluetooth again on both of the devices.
5. Try restarting your phone and then using the Bluetooth connection.
6. If you have already connected, but it is not yet working then try deleting the headset from the devices in your mobile phone and then reconnect again.

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