How to use a Bluetooth headset with your phone

Bluetooth headsets are much more comfortable to use for daily use. That is because you can use it independently whenever you want and wherever you want without the need to worry. Also, Bluetooth headsets now come with better sound output and lesser noises which makes them completely superior to the wired headsets. Also, simply wired headsets only have a single button for handsfree option and also for music tracks, wireless headsets with better sound drivers come with much more buttons, much better control over the smartphone and also better sound controls regarding bass, vocals, trebles, and the lot more like the Acid Eye S7 Bluetooth Headset.

As to use wireless headset, these actually come with Bluetooth connectors which are main bridge line for the connection between the source device and the headset. Aside it might have a bit of difficulty regarding Bluetooth connections and pairing, reading, visibility, else Bluetooth connected headsets provide you with more control. But you first have to know how to use a Bluetooth headset properly with a Bluetooth enabled streaming device that also needs to be well configured for the headset to work properly.

So, at first, you have to know that a Bluetooth enabled headset has to have some configurations set which will make it able to be accepted by the streaming device. This might include you to do some things as follows ;

1. Make sure the headset works perfectly and is in a good condition with the Bluetooth.
2. Different headsets have different controls for enabling the Bluetooth connection. Some headsets have settings that might require it to press one or two buttons simultaneously for pushing the Bluetooth on, some have a dedicated Bluetooth button, and some don’t. Make sure you know these settings and do it properly for enabling the Bluetooth in your headset, and they connect it to the streamer. Else, for a perfectly working Bluetooth, you might not be able to get a good connection or no connection at all.
3. Keep the Bluetooth headset close enough which is the distance lower than the Bluetooth range as it will not be coverable then.
4. See if your Bluetooth headset has sufficient battery power to make it work.
5. Make sure that the streamer or the device you are going to connect to the headset has a perfectly working Bluetooth connectivity.

After you have made sure that these situations don’t arise at all, then you are finally off to connect your Bluetooth headset to a device.

Now for connecting the Bluetooth for a device, all the settings are similar. As for smartphones, it’s a bit different but we got you covered, so don’t worry. For connecting it to a smartphone, see for the following steps ;

For Android Smartphones

1. At first, turn on your Bluetooth setting for enabling it in your smartphone, you can do this either in the notification menu itself, by tapping the Bluetooth icon or directly by going to the Bluetooth settings.
2. Then put on the Bluetooth visibility option in the setting, as it is necessary for the headset to be discovered. Some headsets have different configurations techniques, so make sure you know the right one.
3. Wait for being discovered, for around a minute. Else put off the visibility and the Bluetooth option both and then again turn them on. This always works as Bluetooth devices don’t get recognized for the first time, as this sometimes causes a driver problem.
4. After the Bluetooth headset is identified you have to pair it with a specific key or a password. Passwords are for the older mobile phones when the automatic key generation was not enabled or used at that time.
5. After it has been successfully paired, now you are good to go with your headset. Do make sure you know the name or the visibility ID name of your headset’s Bluetooth device which might be easy for you to recognise it afterward for a better connection. After successful pairing and connection, do test out your headset with music or calls.

For Apple iOS smartphones.

The procedure is pretty much same.

1. Check for your Bluetooth device if it works perfectly then use the specific method to turn it on which might include pressing a few buttons altogether or some headsets do come with a separate button for the Bluetooth connection.
2. Then go to your iPhone, you have to enable the Bluetooth too on it, you can do either by pulling down the notification menu and then tapping on Bluetooth, or you can directly go over to the settings and turn the Bluetooth on and wait for the pairing.
3. You have to both put your phone and the headset in the discoverable mode in order to be recognized by themselves.
4. After successful recognition, you need to pair the two devices, which is sometimes done automatically with the latest smartphones and headsets, else you have to tap to the pair option in your phone and then you will get password pin which you have to accept, and then the headset will get paired.
5. After pairing, you are good enough to go with your headset to use it.

Solutions to problems that can arise during connection of the headset.

1. headset not being visible, you can solve it by restarting your device and the headset also.
2. If the pairing is not done properly, the headset will not work at all, in case of such a problem, restart the Bluetooth on the headset, and then try again.
3. If after connection, the headset doesn't work at all, then either check whether the speakers work perfectly or not, else restart the pairing process once again. Do remember to delete the present connection in your phone with which the headset was used.

Enabling Bluetooth connections with smartphones can be a tough job and if not done properly can lead to serious problems which sometimes are most irritating. Do remember to follow the steps properly which have been listed above and then try connecting your headset.

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