Review : Is Acid Eye Dy 27 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is Good ?

I personally feel Acid Eye Dy27 Bluetooth speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speaker that are currently available in the market. Starting from sound quality to the bass effect it is capable of satisfying your desires.

Acid eye is one company that guarantees you if you are not satisfied with the product, you can any time return it. While surfing the internet, I got to know about the brand called acid eye. Earlier, I was not aware of this brand known; later, I got to know that acid eye is one of the top mobile accessories manufacturers. I had a perception that JBL speakers are the best speakers in the market but after using acid eye dy27 speakers my perception got changed.
I was attending my sister’s baby shower that was organised at home. I saw a gadget that was not only acting as a speaker but an alarm clock and a led lamp. When I asked my sister about that speaker, he told me this is an acid eye product called Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with HD Sound and Bass. I was little surprised to see how a small looking gadget was doing so many different stuff. It’s been 6 months; I am using Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. I am totally satisfied with the product performance and can anytime suggest anyone about this product , From my end, 5 stars to Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker and 100 stars to acid eye as an overall company for delivery such good products.

Acid Eye DY-27 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (White)

 Addition Feature: Alarm clock, Night lap and clock

 Battery: Rechargeable battery

 Warranty: 1 year warranty

 Price: Rs 2900

 Available:

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