How to connect Bluetooth speakers to my laptop

Bluetooth speakers are widely used nowadays, mostly by the new generation people. Bluetooth speaker as the name says, works by utilising the technology of Bluetooth and that too, wirelessly. This gives a lot of portability to the speaker as most good and perfect sound systems are highly bulky. Although you might be able to get a lot out of it, portability does matter.

Well, millions of different models of Bluetooth speakers are available online and you can get one like the Acid Eye DY 28 portable Bluetooth speaker. Most users connect it via a smartphone or a laptop. Connecting via a smartphone is easy but do you know, how to connect it to a laptop???
Well if you don't then you have to come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the whole process on how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop.

Bluetooth speaker come differently specified with lots of controls, most of them don't come with a dedicated Bluetooth button. Bluetooth speaker companies do have an ego. But they provide a sequence code that can be pressed with all the available buttons, which can be used for the activation of the connection and then can be used with any device. But before that, let us get to the basic clearance about what you should know and do so that you don't end up with the problem.

Make sure you do these things before proceeding for connecting the device to the laptop.

Make sure, you know the sequence for the Bluetooth activation. This is usually provided by the company in the box. The sequence can be a series of button press which includes the buttons on the speaker. Know the sequence properly and then press the sequence of buttons to activate the Bluetooth. If your speaker has a dedicated button for the Bluetooth, use it to push on the connection(as sequence button technique is mostly used on Bluetooth headphones).

Secondly, check that your speaker actually works. This is something which most of the users don't seem to notice at all, which might create a big problem for you. Most of the Bluetooth speakers have a USB or an SD card option. Use it for playing a track directly from the USB or the card and check that the speaker works. This is more of an assurance that you should follow otherwise you won't be use your Speaker at all.

Thirdly, charge up your speaker to a certain level so that it should be good to go for work. Since Bluetooth speakers are widely wireless and have rechargeable batteries which is a good option for portability. Though these need to be charged often to get the speaker powered up.

Now let's proceed to the next steps.

After you have verified that your Bluetooth speaker is sound and working and has a sufficient amount of power, turn on the Bluetooth connection of the speaker. Also, make sure that you are connecting it to a laptop, so the laptop also should have an enabled Bluetooth connection to work with the Bluetooth speaker. And if your laptop doesn't have one, then you can use a USB Bluetooth device for using it as an intermediate connector for the laptop to work with the speaker. (if you are using such a device, the installation steps are simple, just plug in the device into the USB port of your laptop. Then plug in the installation disk into the DVD drive(it's a small mini sized disk) and use the auto installer which will guide you through the installation process. And then launch the application from your desktop and use it to turn on the Bluetooth of the USB device. Easy Peasy).

After you have activated the connection from your laptop, see if the Bluetooth speaker device name shows up into the laptop's devices section(in the Bluetooth devices). If it doesn't show up, then there a problem might have occurred.

It might be ;

1. The speaker is not near enough which is the most common problem. Since Bluetooth connection enabling between two devices has to be done when the devices are near enough as Bluetooth has limited range connectivity which is just up to a couple of metres. So make sure the speaker and the laptop, both are near to each other so the connection can be enabled properly.
2. Any of the devices are not properly functioning. This might be a driver problem which can occur. In order to solve it, do a restart of the device. The solution is both for the laptop and the speaker. A simple restart can restore the device functions to normal.

3. You have wifi or hotspot enabled in your laptop. This might look like a rare problem but it always occurs as most users use wifi for using internet on their laptops. While it should not cause a problem at all, most devices don't come with such capability to work with different wireless connections simultaneously together. In order of that case, disable your wifi or hotspot and then try again for establishing the connection.

After the devices have restored to normal working condition and it has shown up in the devices section, click on it.

Then a pairing option will pop up. Pairing is done in order to make a Bluetooth device work with another device after acceptance of the similar passcode from both the devices. And it is important to pair up the devices. Pairing can be the problem. Most devices don't get paired properly. But latest Bluetooth devices come with automatic pairing with a random code generation by any of the devices and then the other device accepts the code. And the pairing is done.

If you think the pairing is not getting done at all, then do a restart of the device. This will solve the problem completely. After you have paired the device, you are good to go to stream songs and other music to your Bluetooth speaker without any issue. Thus, now you know how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop.  You can buy bluetooth speakers online in India From Acid Eye Website.

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