How to Install or use a Bluetooth Speaker for Car

 Install or use a Bluetooth Speaker for Car.

 Cars too are a place for a bit of entertainment since you wouldn't mind listening to some peaceful music while you pile on driving. That is a good option which won't harm your driving skills nor will break any traffic rules unless you keep the noise below irritation and boiling level. That's completely fine. Now, listening to music in your car can be done via many methods. Simplest is to use your phone which will do all the work(if you like you can sing yourself too). But are there any methods that can be used too?

Well, lots of options are there. You can directly use your phone to play whatever you want, but that might be the bit of problematic since your phone might be sensible to calls and you will have to answer them, thus music goes away(I am aware of the auto-resume). To avoid that, you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and put it anywhere in your car, provided that you listen to the music properly and comfortably. Else buy a music head that comes off easily on the online shopping sites with lots of deal and discounts over a million brands. But if you wanna keep the prices down to earth and not want to spend a lot of money on just music system(which will also have Bluetooth) then looking elsewhere comes up as the best option. And what is it? Buying a Bluetooth speaker.

But is it perfectly capable? Now I don't what you might want to do with music head but if you are sure that you will use it for playing music and receiving calls(by chance), then a sufficiently and properly chosen Bluetooth speaker would not just do fine, but it will do incredibly great. Besides, almost all Bluetooth speakers come in wireless along with the battery too so you won't be limited to just use it in your car, you can use it anywhere you want. Plus, your car might come with a charging port which you can use to charge it up whenever you think it will need it.  Thus one speaker for all purpose.

Now when it comes to choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you should be very careful about considering the specifications. So that after buying you don't regret at all. One of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers which you can buy right now is the Acid eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth LED speaker which also comes with improved battery performance for running longer. But it might be the best option for your car entertainment? Let's analyze and see why.

But at first, let's think of installing it in your car. Now, since you are buying a portable speaker for your car, it doesn't at all depend on where you want to put it. It can go anywhere in your car you like, as it has a better sound output capability which will ultimately provide you with incredible music experience. But to be sure that you will receive the sound well, it is always better and efficient to keep your speaker at the back of your car, below the window pane(of course not outside the car, what were you thinking). This will better make the sound fully accomodable to the inner of your car out of which you can receive good sound even when playing at high volumes. Else keeping it in the front will also do better, you can control it by yourself. Another thing to consider here is that the speaker comes with multiple options for playing music, either by SD card or a pen drive or by direct Bluetooth. So using any of these would require you to control the speaker in different ways, since if you are playing via Bluetooth connection, then it is controllable by your smartphone only. You can keep the speaker anywhere you want and don't need to bother about that. But if you are using SD card or a pen drive to play music, then you have to keep it near you since you have to control it manually.

Now let us check out why the DY 28 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now.

First, it comes with a lot of media ports which will come highly useful to you when you want to play songs since you might not always play via the Bluetooth. Else for such a condition, the DY 28 has a direct SD card option and a full-size USB port for direct plug in and play. Most users consider it the best option to completely equip their speakers with all the songs they are gonna play on it and then plug the speaker in the car. No hassle at all. Else if you are not that static minded, then a pen drive would make a good option since you can play whatever song you want, If you don't like a song, delete it. These seem a more functional option then the SD card. Else use Bluetooth. So the speaker has all types of ports you want and you would possibly need.

Secondly, it comes with a high-grade sound output system which makes this speaker a complete alternative to rest of the speakers at the same price. It comes with the latest sound drivers with highly functional metallic speakers that are destined to work longer and longer no matter how much you use it. The speakers themselves come with effective noise reduction which eliminates any kind of noise that comes out of the audio track itself. Thus providing you with a seamless music experience even at high volumes. Also, the speaker provides most of the sound controls like bass, treble, vocals, and all the related ones.

Thirdly, The Acid eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth LED speaker is known as the best speaker due to its one aspect, it is high-grade battery performance which supersedes every speaker on the market right now at the Same price. It comes with a huge 4000mAh battery(which even many smartphones don't even come with) that has claimed battery performance of about 10 hours max, up to which you will be able to play music at a stretch, constantly. Thus, you won't even need to charge the speaker often for it to perform for the longest time. Also, the speaker has a standby time of around 16 hours which is incredible as it remains active for this time. Else you can switch it off completely for later use. The speaker requires around 3-4 hours to get completely charged up and then you are good to go. 

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